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1.This disclaimer is related to (the "Site") and astrologers operating on this site (“we”, “us”) . 


2. Due to the multitude of factors which contribute to the creation of an astrological chart, such as accuracy of a birth time and the nature of astrological analysis, the accuracy of astrological predictions in the best case scenario is 75%.


3.  Astrological advice is merely a suggestion, and is not intended to replace medical, legal, financial or other professional advice. For professional opinions in vital, sensitive or otherwise important areas, please refer to the specialists appropriate for the subject matter. Their opinion must be held superior to the opinions given by us.


4. Astrologer is not liable for unfulfilled prediction or misinterpretation of the future event. Information, forecasts, predictions and life or business trends provided by Moon Diall Astrology should be taken strictly as guidelines, entertainment and suggestions. 


5. In no way we are suggesting that our forecasts are infallible. By utilising and accessing reports from the Site and/or by requesting and/or receiving astrological interpretations and/or advice through the Site, you agree to release us from any and all liability with regard to the contents of the site and/or advice received.


6. Our main intention is to increase the client's awareness about the matter related to the situation or the question, in order to make conscious choices. Your decisions and/or behaviour may or may not be influenced by advice or content received through the Site. You agree that by accessing and paying for a report on this Site, you take full responsibility for any and all consequences acted upon in utilising the information provided in the report.


7. If for any political, cultural or social reasons astrology and/or esoteric and metaphysics of any kind is illegal in your locality, by accessing and paying to receive a consultation or report, or by receiving astrological information and the associated services or products from Moon Dial Astrology, you agree that you do so of your own free will, and that you will not hold us culpable or responsible in any way for any legal ramifications, which you might incur as a result.

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