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2022 Forecast for Aquarius

Career and Finances

This year Jupiter is dwelling in 2nd house, and aspecting 6th and 10th houses – therefore it is offering support for “Artha” triangle of houses in your chart, which are responsible for maintaining resources necessary to keep your life thriving. There will be new opportunities for growth in your social role and career. The watery element of this triangle would make you feel more connected with the cycle of life, demonstrating how your good financial habits are supporting your health and work ethics.

Rahu is moving through your 3rd house, adding some unconventional element to your interests and desires. Maybe you , savings and investments.

Saturn remains in your 12th house this year, aspecting Jupiter in the 2nd house, making you really pay attention to the way you save and spend your money. Jupiter in 2nd house can make you feel that you have more than enough, but may overlook how your money slipping out through the back door.

Romance and Relationships

This year should bring more stability in your relationships, with Jupiter sending soothing vibes to your 6th house of struggles and arguments. Existing relationships will get healthier, because you will be ready to downplay your ego and see situations from other’s point of view.

But also, with Rahu in your 3rd house, you may feel that you have a lot to do on your own, like pursuing new exciting interests, and would not want to make relationships your main focus.

Health and Wellness

The raw life energy in you is on high level this year, and you are excited to explore new things in big doses. You will tend to question your own belief system and break the principles that you faithfully followed before. If you are a pupil of any discipline, you will argue with your teachers siting your own experience. Jupiter also supports your 6th house of resilience this year, so it will be a good time for sport, training and competitions.

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