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2022 Forecast for Aries

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Career and Finances

Saturn will be still in your 10th house this year, making you work hard and aim high, and take on more responsibilities. Your career will improve and your enemies will be in a disadvantage.

Because of the heavy presence of Rahu in your 1st house, there could be some tensions with your business partners, and you would be required to apply all the diplomacy you could master.

Moneywise, you should be protected from big expenditures and losses, as Jupiter will gaze over your 12th house. It would sharpen your awareness about things that might be slipping from your attention.

Romance and Relationships

As Ketu entered your 7th house of partners, chances are that You will not be satisfied with the way your relationships are going. You will be reassessing your relationships, because due to Rahu in your 1st house, your own sense of identity will be going through some changes. Saturn will be also aspecting your 7th house, so you will attempt to set up stricter boundaries with your friends and romantic partners.

This may be a tough year for achieve stability in relationships, because any small issue could be magnified in your mind and blown up out of proportions. It’s better to be cautious about any actions you take.

Health and Wellness

You will have a high level of confidence this year, but also will be a bit restless. Rahu will reside in your 1st house of health and happiness. Rahu is a shadow point, which gives you a big energy push, and a desire to update your public image.

Jupiter will be in your 12th house, and will give you a whole new sense of your spiritual capacity beyond the restrictions of physical world. He will also be positively influencing your 4th house of emotional balance, helping you to reconcile your feelings and make peace with different sides of your inner self.

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