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2022 Forecast for Cancer

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Career and Finances

This could be the year when your career could go through complete overhaul, or will take some unexpected course. Rahu is in your 10th house this year, and he is a wild motivator. In any case, things will not be the same anymore.

From May to July Saturn will be casting a harmonious aspect on your 10th house too, so I imagine it can create some stress test for you in your new role. Jupiter is in your 9th house this year, helping you to apply your best principles to your social role and career. As it will also be aspecting your 1st and 5th houses, so your creativity and energy will be high.

Romance and Relationships

Jupiter’s aspect from your 9th to 5th house will bring is a chance for a new romance, if you are single. But because your 7th house in occupied by Saturn for the most of the year, it could be hard to break the ice with a new person. And even in existing relationship, you would feel that your partner is not sharing enough their emotional life with you.

In long-term relationships, there would be more “I care about you, you care about me” energy, rather than the waves of passion. As Saturn governs your relationship and partnerships, this year is good for marriage and for signing any contracts.

Health and Wellness

Jupiter would aspect your 1st house stating from April. It will give you a boost of confidence and luck, and good energy for your physical body

Ketu in your 4th house this year, and can give you some emotional setbacks. You might be unsatisfied with something in your home environment, your physical property, or worrying about something that is a very vulnerable subject for you. Resolving these issues are only become possible by inner work of getting to know yourself and making peace with it. But please be reassured that no one can achieve inner peace by 100%, same as your life can not be a 100% secure. 4th house is one of the houses leading to liberation, by knowing that our life is not always under our control.

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