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2022 Forecast for Capricorn

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Career and Finances

Jupiter will be aspecting your 7th and 11th houses this year, which would give you some valuable opportunities to strengthen your business partnerships, or strike some new ones. Your higher goals and ambitions will also grow bigger this year.

Saturn still be in your 1st house, as because it’s a ruler of your chart, you would feel completely in your element, continuing to make progress in your business and career. Your way of presenting yourself to others would also change towards more sleek and professional image.

Romance and Relationships

A benefic influence of Jupiter will make you feel energized this year, ready to explore new interests and meet new people. You may join some groups of like-minded people or try new exciting activity. A new relationship or marriage is also possible.

Saturn in your 1st house this year makes you confident, and able to establish healthy boundaries with your romantic and business partners. But also, be careful not to appear aloof or too rigid. Remember that all relationships are built on emotional connection, and we make time only for those who we like.

Health and Wellness

Saturn will remain in your 1st house of physical health this year, making you prone to head colds. Take special care of your health and fitness routine, to keep your body strong. This year Saturn is also casts an aspect to Jupiter which travels through your 3rd house, and it will open for you some new interests to pursue, such as a new exciting hobby, or unexpected visit to a place which you never knew existed. With Rahu in the 4th house this year, you will be driven to make improvements in your private live and home, such as making ambitious house renovations, or researching your family tree and legacy.

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