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2022 Forecast for Gemini

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Career and Finances

Jupiter will be powerful in your 10th house in Pisces this year. There will be opportunities for career growth, expansion of social roles, and many good achievements.

Due to Saturn’s aspect to Rahu in your 11th house, you will be finding new promising and conventional sources of income. Some of them will turn out to be real and some not, given that shadow planet Rahu is involved. Jupiter’s will also aspect your 2nd house, which could give you some better understanding how you utilize your assets and resources.

Romance and Relationships

This year for you will be not rich on drama, as Rahu will be pulling your attention from personal relationships to your worldly ambitions and higher goals. Ketu in your 5th house will make you feel less emotionally attached in your romantic relationships, and you will be assessing them with critical look. Beware though that Ketu is a trickster, and it will magnify for you any little imperfection to a size of a mountain, which you will be stumbling upon wherever you turn. So please proceed with caution.

Health and Wellness

Saturn will continue to aspect your 5th house throughout the year, causing restrictions to your creativity and passions. Additionally, Ketu has moved to your 5th house as well, as if both of these planets conspired to teach you about the futility of the pursuit for personal happiness. You will be quite disillusioned in your love affairs. But the lesson here is that if we are focusing too much on personal things, we rob ourselves from enjoyment of life outside of our self-centered little world. Rahu is currently in the opposite 11th house, showing that there’s a lot to be experienced and enjoyed in less personal ways as a part of bigger world of humanity. The Rahu-Ketu axis is like an arrow of a compass, currently pointing to that direction. But the good news is that your health will get better, because Jupiter will be supporting your 6th house of lifestyle this year. There is a good chance to fine-tune your diet and harmonize the relationships in your work environment.

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Feb 04, 2022

Thanks Ludmilla. Happy New Year.

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