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2022 Forecast for Libra

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Career and Finances

Jupiter will travel through your in 6th house this year, helping you to enhance your art of choosing battles wisely. There will be less disagreements with your partners and colleagues, and more willingness to listen. Jupiter will also be aspecting your 2nd house of savings and investments, and the 10th house of career, so these areas are expected to improve as well.

Saturn will continue his journey through your 4th house of properties and inner balance, so you would need to work on your strategy to keep them in a good shape. He will also continue to affect to your 1st house of professional image and 6th house of your work ethic, so any unresolved issues in your inner space would affect the way you are presented to others, and on your ability to keep up with work routine.

Rahu is in your 7th house this year so you could come upon some unconventional partnerships.

Romance and Relationships

This year, Rahu resides in your 7th house of relationships. You may find yourself attracted to someone completely out of your “type”, and strike some unconventional friendships. Rahu unhinges limitations of the mind, so we are able to see the new opportunities ahead. You will be fascinated with the people you meet. However, please proceed with caution, as Rahu is also a trickster, so not everything that he makes look enchanting is a real treasure. Avoid making decisions about long-term commitments this year.

Saturn still remains in your 4th house of “inner balance” this year. It may shake up some insecurities that existed in your mind, but went unaddressed for a long time, and this could make you feel unsettled or worried. This may affect your relationships, so it would be good to spend some time sorting out the roots of these issues.

Health and Wellness

Jupiter is supporting your 6th and 2nd houses this year, so your health is expected to improve. You will find more of a common ground with your boss and your coworkers, which would contribute to your mental wellness and financial stability. However, as Saturn is still lingering in your 4th house, your home and inner life will continue to experience some pressure this year, which would require some work to resolve.

By his nature, Saturn would also affect your 1st house and 6th houses, so the struggles originated from your inner conflicts will be literally “shown on your face”, and may cause a lot of stress. So it’s better to use this time on some quiet self-observation, learning about different sides of yourself and reconciling your feelings.

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