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2022 Forecast for Pisces

Career and Finances

This year your own main planet Jupiter is visiting your 1st house, boosting your confidence and professional image. It also aspects your 5th and 9th houses, enhancing your creative energy and bringing lots of good luck. This is a very positive year for you.

Rahu is travelling through your 2nd house, and it may compel you to apply new and interesting strategy to the way you using your money and resources. A new groundbreaking investment strategy sounds irresistible, but you need to be careful. Rahu is a shadow planet, and all may not be what it seems.

Saturn continues to browse back and forth in your 11th house. You may feel that you are not fairly compensated for your job, or simply not making enough income. Try to see were you wasting your resources unnecessarily, but avoid getting involved into “get rich quick” schemes or any reckless “business”.

Romance and Relationships

You will be filling pretty good about yourself this year, because benefic Jupiter will be staying at your 1st house most of the time. Jupiter would expand your range of influence on others, and would make you able to connect with people on a deeper level. There is a good chance of a new relationship if you are single, or a marriage, especially between May and August. Your intuition will be enhanced as well. A shadow planed Ketu will be occupying your 8th house at this time, which could bring you partners or adversaries who would create some transformative experiences, mostly by demonstrating how submitting to popular opinions could undermine your intuition and integrity. It sure will be an interesting year.

Health and Wellness

Your health and happiness will improve this year, with benevolent planed Jupiter occupying your 1st house, radiating his power in full strength. You would have luck on your side, and your creativity will flourish. You would expand your influence on people around you, and will find a new confidence in following your true destiny. Saturn in your 11th house could put some peer pressure from the community, or rather “requirements” on you to fulfill a certain role, that you could find annoying. There could be some obstacles for the start time of your creative projects, or for the matters related to your children. Rahu in the 2nd house can give you obsession with the new diet or investment opportunities, but in the end they might turn out not as they seemed, so you need to be careful with committing in them.

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