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2022 Forecast for Scorpio

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Career and Finances

This year, Jupiter will be in your 5th house, aspecting 9th and 1st houses – the “Dharma” triangle in your chart. It will boost your confidence, creativity and luck, so you may find some new directions to grow in your social and professional areas.

As Rahu will be visiting your 6th house, there is a word of caution is not to take anything too personally, because Rahu it a shadow planet which warps things and could create a lot of misunderstanding with your partners and colleagues. Also it may make you overly competitive on a borderline of your work ethics.

Saturn in 3rd house, causing some limitations to your ability to follow your instincts and desires. You would need to say “no” many things in order to pursue just one. Your creative initiatives may be delayed as well.

Romance and Relationships

Romantic relationships would get better this year, with Jupiter in your 5th house of love and aspecting the 9th house of luck. There is a possibility of marriage or engagement, or a new love interest. Your intuition will be sharpened, making you even better expert on reading people’s minds and hearts.

This year, try to avoid confrontations, as they may have come up for strange reasons with no real way of resolving. A shadow planet Rahu is going through your 6th house, and it could seduce you into thinking of “crushing your opponents”, while actually you could create a lot of stress, only to find in the end that you’ve missed some clues, and it was just a massive cloud of misunderstanding.

Health and Wellness

Jupiter is in your 5th house most of the year, and you will be hit with a wave of creativity. In general, it will be a happy year. Your children will also to bring you joy. A word of warning though, not to get too attached to your “creative projects”, otherwise you will be pulled into exhausting arguments about “the right way of doing things”. Rahu is travelling through you 6th house, and it’s energy is a bit rough, so it can put you in very competitive mood. It also may add some stress to your mind and body, so be sure to keep your daily routine light and sensible.

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