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2022 Forecast for Virgo

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Career and Finances

Jupiter is in your 7th house this year, bringing opportunities for new partnerships and collaborations. This is a great year for you in terms of expanding your curiosity, and mapping directions to your new goals and ambitions, as he also will be supporting your 3rd and 11th houses.

As Ketu migrated into your 2nd house, there’s definitely will be a change in your system of values, and you will be tempted to do a complete overhaul of your financial strategies. Be careful with your spending. Leave the big purchases to the next year.

Saturn will continue his heavy walk through your 5th house, causing delays to your creative projects and education, and putting stress on your finances. Use this time to prioritize your goals and create a support structure that will serve you long-term.

Romance and Relationships

Jupiter is in your 7th house this year, and since this planet is also governs relationships for your sign, it will help to connect with your partner on a deeper level. If you are single, there is a big chance for you to start a new relationship.

Saturn still continues to browse your 5th house of love and romance this year, and aspecting your 7th house of partnerships. It will make you a bit emotionally detached, and adhere even more to your strict “code of conduct”, rather than to passion. If are to marry this year, the marriage lasts for a long time.

Health and Wellness

You will be able to fulfill some of your dreams this year. A benefic planet Jupiter is influencing your “Kama” triangle of houses, which are responsible for your willful actions, relationships and wishes. Keep your eyes peeled on the new opportunities, and set your emotions on a positive direction.

Health wise, you need to be careful with food and alcohol, and protect yourself from throat infections. Your children can give you some concern as well, and you need to be careful with the words you are saying to them.

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