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2023 Forecast for Aquarius

Health and Wellness

This year will be very important for you, because a planet governing your health and well-being Saturn will be transiting your 1st house. You will be improving ang rethinking the way you present yourself to the outer world, your identity and relationship with others. Maybe your personal style and image will undergo changes as well. Because Saturn will also be aspecting your 3rd house of explorations, your 7th house of relationships and your 11 th house of higher goals, you definitely will be exploring new areas of interests, your hobbies might change, and even your goals and ambitions. You will be looking to apply your intellectual abilities in new, more effective ways. Healthwise this year you may have a feeling of unrest, and worries that you are misunderstood, and your ways to express yourself are very limited.

Career and Finances

You will be setting up new goals for your social ambitions, financial achievements, and contribution to humanity. This will include creating new business partnerships, exploring new sources of income, and learning more about different subjects. This will keep you busy and engaged, overall it will be a positive year with a good potential for increase in many areas of your life, including finances. The only warning here is not to overthink things. Better to try something in practice, than to contemplate for a long time from which side to approach it.

Romance and Relationships

As Saturn affects your 7th house this year, you will be feeling the need to establish healthy boundaries in your relationships, to protect your personal space and private thoughts. From the other side it may seem like aloofness and coldness, so it is important to communicate your intentions well. This year is good for signing contracts and marriages, and finalizing officially any relationship that you want to last for a long time. For single Aquarians, there is an opportunity to find a new romantic interest.

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