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2023 Forecast for Capricorn

Health and Wellness

There will be some significant changes to your immediate family, home and lifestyle. Jupiter and Rahu will be visiting your 4th house this year, with Uranus already disturbing the peace there for some time. This can bring a high amount of stress but also excitement at the same time. There will be a mix of emotions, and they will not settle that easily. But whatever changes are underway, they will bring progress.

Your nutrition would probably need some adjustment, to introduce more fresher and healthier choices for everyday diet. This will provide you with more energy. If you learn how to bake, it will provide a lot of quality time to connect over cinnamon apple turnovers with your family.

Career and Finances

There will be a good opportunity to buy a new property, between April 22 and May 11th, in a short period of time while both Jupiter and Mars will be supporting your 4th house. Otherwise, your investments and operations where you collaborate with other people would also bring a good return this year.

You will need to pay close attention to your savings, and to the way you distribute your earned income and resources. Saturn will transit through your 2nd house this year, leaving a trail of expenses and a feeling of insecurity. So your best move here is to set up a good plan, and follow it through

Romance and Relationships.

There will be some moments of emotional pressure in your relationships, since Saturn will be aspecting your 2nd, 4th and the 8th houses. Some of the changes related to your personal lifestyle and finances would affect your relationships and partnerships. So there will be some adjustments and reevaluations in your relationships as well. It’s in your character to make sure that your relationship is based on practical care and support of each other, and only after that comes attending to emotional needs. Please make sure that you are not missing this important component.

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