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2023 Forecast for Gemini

Health and Wellness

From one side, an aspect of benefic planet Jupiter on your 3rd house in Leo would boost your energy level and adventurous spirit. Your health will be steady, your mood mostly optimistic. You would feel a drive to explore and try your strength in new fields, find new interests and hobbies.

On the other hand, Saturn’s aspect on the same 3rd house would bring some moments of doubt and would make it harder to start the new adventure you were craving. It will try to curb your enthusiasm, as Saturn in Aquarius is very intellectual and does not appreciate Leo's bursts of inspiration. Therefore, prepare well for the first steps, but do not overthink things. On the adventure path, a lot of things remain unknown.

Career and Finances

A transit of 3 slow planets Jupiter, Rahu and Uranus) in your 11th house of Aries would really reshape your portfolio of income sources. There will be a wide open door for all your dreams and ambitions to come true, with the writing above “Anything is possible”. You will be able to create new channels of earning money, your popularity among your peers and colleagues would increase dramatically. The word of warning is only to be careful not to overstep the ethical boundaries, as Rahu tends to increase ignorance on the path of “territorial conquest”.

Saturn aspecting your 11th house from 9th sometimes would create interference in the luck department, so you would need to put more effort and pound harder in the heaven’s gates to get the final result. But don’t be discouraged, heavens would appreciate you putting more thinking into the quality and usability of the product.

Romance and Relationships

Jupiter aspects your 7th house in Sagittarius this year. There will be a new relationship, a marriage or big improvement in the existing unions. You will be happy to give, share your life, and learn from your partner.

Since Rahu as well will be aspecting your 7th house this year, there will be some unusual or even unconventional changes in your relationship. You may meet a person from a different culture, or someone who will break your existing beliefs. There will be a period of doubts and confusion, but in the end the old way your relationships were going until now will be changed.

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