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2023 Forecast for Leo

Health and Wellness

This year will be fantastic for unlocking your new creative potential. The benevolent influence of Jupiter on your 1st and 5th houses will encourage you to seek new channels of personal expression, from your fashion style to cultural and spiritual explorations.. Your charisma will get stronger, and you will be bursting with inspiration. July and November will be especially fruitful, when your planet of spiritual advancement Mars would go through your 1st and 3rd houses of vitality. There will be some unusual or unconventional side to your creative projects, because Rahu will be affecting your 1st, 5th and 9th houses as well. Your vision will become open to the new aspects of life and culture that were avoiding your attention before. It will be a bit confusing but an exciting experience.

Career and Finances

Very much likely that you can get awards or recognition for your personal expression and performance. This also may come with lofty grants to finance your education or creative projects. Either way, your talents and creativity will be able to yield excellent results, which you will be able to monetize. You will be able to influence your partners and charm your sponsors. Your audience and followers will provide tremendous support. Luck and high motivation will be on your side this year, so don’t let this moment slip away from your hands.

Romance and Relationships

Relationships also will be very important in your life this year. A ruler of your 7th house of relationships will be in its own domain, very strong and demanding answers. Are your relationships serious, devoted, responsible? This could be put to the test. Saturn would help you to add a grounding element to the union, enforce principles of fair partnership, mutual care and appreciation, and establish healthy boundaries. For single Leos, Jupiter’s aspect to your 5th house will provide opportunity for a new romantic interest. In existing unions, there will be the possibility of expanding the family.

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