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2023 Forecast for Libra

Health and Wellness

Influence of Jupiter on your 3rd house will keep your energy level high this year. Overall you will keep an optimistic outlook, looking forward to thriving and achieving your goals. Transiting Saturn in your 5th house is very strong in his own domain of Aquarius. It will help to determine the best ways to channel your energy, find the most relevant and effective self-development practices, exercises, training routine and professional development ideas. Most importantly, it will show you where you are using your energy and time unnecessarily, with no real benefits for you.

Career and Finances

Jupiter and Rahu transiting through your 7th house would give a boost to your ability to partner up with other people and organizations. You will see many interesting and exciting opportunities, and will be able to inspire others with your enthusiasm. It is possible that the opportunities open up with very unusual partners or conditions, since a shadow planet Rahu, the lord of everything unconventional, is also joining the party. It also can break some partnerships which are not effective anymore, since Saturn aspecting your 7th house as well.

You would need to be careful with distributing your earnings and not making any risky investments. There will be a temptation to dip into your savings to finance a new project or to cover expenses for your children.

Romance and Relationships

Your 7th house this year is influenced by aspects from both the most influential planets of the solar system, Jupiter and Saturn. This would be a good year for “tying the knot”, or signing a marriage contract. Every agreement finalized this year will have a long-term impact, since both Jupiter and Saturn have approved it. You also could find yourself more interested in other people than in your own persona. You will be able to learn a lot from people you’ve met, and also create some very good friendships. In romantic relationships you can experience some reality check phase, because Saturn is transiting through your 5th house. So some disappointments and breakups are very much possible, but only with someone who was not meant to be with you in the long run anyways.

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