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2023 Forecast for Pisces

Health and Wellness

It will be a wonky ride for Pisces in terms of mental health. Their delicate psychological setup will be tried to withstand harsh conditions of the outer world. The 1st house of Pisces will be hemmed between 2 transiting “malefic” planets, Saturn and Rahu. Saturn in Aquarius would resurrect their deep fears of uncertainty, and Rahu in their 2nd house will add a sense of futility to any effort to keep the world in harmony. Only Jupiter in the 2nd house will help them to keep their faith, and a certain level of optimism, but it will be a “bad news - good news” seesaw.

On a physical level, Jupiter and Rahu would be aspecting the 6th house, increasing hot and fatty elements, and a chance of having issues with digestion, stomach or liver. So keeping a healthy lean and low-sugar diet will be beneficial.

Career and Finances

Your hard work will be rewarded this year with good benefits, improvement in lifestyle, and career growth. Jupiter and Rahu influencing houses of your saved finances, work, career and social status. You will be able to implement some innovations in your personal financial system, in order to distribute your resources effectively, and improve your sense of security and wellness. The word of caution - be careful, and introduce changes little by little. Don’t get lured by attractive and risky schemas. Rahu has an ability to fascinate and mesmerize, and makes it harder to get a clear picture. So try to wait some time and research, before making any commitment regarding your money.

Romance and Relationships

Because both Jupiter and Saturn will be aspecting your 6th house this year, it will be hard sometimes to express emotions and communicate your feelings. Try not to start with the argumentative mood right away, wait for the first reaction to settle. It is especially related to married people, whose lifestyle is already formed in the domestic routine. For single people, new relationships are on the way, but it would require a lot of extra effort to reach a good level of understanding with the new romantic partner. Keep a good attention to their feelings and emotions, rather than only to words.

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