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2023 Forecast for Sagittarius

Health and Wellness

Your governing planet Jupiter will travel through your 5th house, and also will share this house with Rahu. Therefore, your creativity will be amplified this year, your optimism and health will increase, and you will find inspiration in unusual places. Jupiter and Rahu also will cast aspects to your 1st and 9th houses, so you will be able to travel, obtain new knowledge, and influence other people as well. But you need to be careful not to bite more than you can chew, otherwise you would risk a burnout, which would result in a sharp drop in your energy reserves, and in restriction of your activity. This is shown By Saturn transiting your 3rd house all year, which can compel you to push too hard for what you want by any means justified. So if you see that the adventure will be too costly in any sense for yourself or others, it’s better to leave it for now.

Career and Finances

Luck will be on your side this year, so take a chance in those raffles and sweepstakes. Unexpected gifts or rewards are also very possible, since Jupiter and Rahu are giving a boost to your 5th and 9th houses this year. Also, a very slow but powerful planet Pluto is in our 2-8 axis of money and resources. Try to put as much money aside as possible for savings and investments, and don’t move them around too much, at least until 2025. They will grow a lot by themselves, without any effort from you.

Because Jupiter and Rahu will be influencing houses of your creativity, you will be able to start some new promising projects, which will bring good profits in the future.

Romance and Relationships

For single Sagittarians there is a big chance of starting a new romantic relationship. Be ready to invite into your life someone from a different culture. You will be drawn to people with an unconventional lifestyle, or a rebellious character. For those in the existing union, there could be some challenges, because Rahu/Jupiter conjunction would emphasize and magnify the issues that were laying dormant until now. You could discover a new unnoticed before quality in your partner, or would be interested to achieve a deeper level of understanding and trust. An expansion of the family is also possible.

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