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2023 Forecast for Taurus

Health and Wellness

This year, a heavily transited 12th house would bring up things that were laying dormant for many years. A summit of Jupiter, Rahu and Uranus in your 12th house of Aries, would intensify irrational fears of being in danger, of losing control, a hidden activity of inimical nature. Your sleep can be disturbed, and in your dreams you would face situations of danger.

Aspects of Jupiter on your 4th and 8th also would disturb emotional stability, especially in July, when Mars would be transiting your 4th house of inner fundamental balance. This time would be better spent quietly, practicing meditation or in a retreat. At the same time, dealing with these internal issues would help to establish a new level of confidence and freedom.

Career and Finances

Aside from giving you some mental inconveniences, the stellium of Jupiter, Rahu and Uranus in your 12th house would open up a new opportunities for business in far-away places, overseas, or in some local isolated establishments such as hospitals, prisons or spiritual retreats, where people are restricted in their movements. Take these opportunities with a grain of salt and check all the facts before leaping, because Rahu can distort the picture to make you see what you want rather than what it is, so wait for any confusions to clear up.

Saturn in your 10th house would add some pressure in your professional life, but mostly his influence would create situations where you would need to take more responsibilities, which could potentially result in a promotion or stepping up the career ladder.

Romance and Relationships

Very few people would enjoy peace and quiet in their personal life this year, and you, Taurus, is one of them. You will manage to avoid the drama and maintain a steady pace in relationships. Saturn aspecting your 7th house would add some stubbornness and refusal to change anything. Saturn adds a sense of responsibility, a feeling that you need to care for your partners first, and an emotional or romantic element comes second. A new relationship could be formed around July. As the major focus for you in this year is a career, even in relationships the overall feeling will be on practical help and care between the partners.

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