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2023 Forecast for Virgo

Health and Wellness

This year will be very interesting for Virgos. In general, your inner emotional stability is pretty fragile and normally you are worrying about every little thing that you may have done wrong, or someone thinking that you’ve done wrong. This year, prepare to get armed against any emotional influence on you or any attempt to manipulate you. Your best friend and teacher planet Jupiter will be in your 8th house together with explorative mystical shadow planet Rahu. This disposition would invoke your interest in the psychology of people around you, and you will enjoy discerning the reason behind every word or action. This influence of Jupiter and Rahu would be especially beneficial for your peace of mind and would heal many fears that you’ve harbored for years. This would also help with better understanding of yourself, and accepting all your positive traits and shortcomings, which is an important step for achieving emotional balance, inner peace and clarity of mind.

You will be prone to colds, indigestion and rheumatic pains, so take special care about your diet, sleep schedule and keep the body warm. Influence of Saturn on your 6th and 3rd houses could decrease your energy level, so it’s important to cultivate positivity and not get involved in unnecessary arguments. Keep up with hobbies, reading and other interests.

Career and Finances

Influence of Rahu and Jupiter on 8th and 4th houses could unexpectedly bring money from inheritance or insurance, and also generate activity related to your home, land or other properties. It would be mainly beneficial, but may certainly come with some losses, if you won’t be careful with expenses on luxury upgrades. It will be hard to adhere to your saving goals this year because Jupiter, Rahu and Uranus in your 8th house would be opposing your 2nd house of resources, and you will be tempted to take a chance on risky opportunities. So take a few days to make sure that you can afford to take this risk.

Romance and Relationships

It will not be an easy year for your relationships. Seems like your 7th house will be in the special preposition when it’s surrounded by “natural malefic” from both sides, Saturn in 6th house and Rahu in 8th. It means that there could be moments of distancing, withdrawal or aloofness, when one or both sides are not emotionally available to the other. Arguments are also possible, especially in July-August period, when Mars will be transiting in opposite sign from Saturn.

There is an opportunity for a new relationship, and you can meet someone in very unusual circumstances or someone from outside of your traditional circle. But it won’t be recommended to make any commitments or long-term decisions this year.

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