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How planets influence us

Updated: May 7, 2021

There’s one big and important question that people usually ask when they hear about astrology. How planets in the cosmos could affect us here on Earth? Specifically, how they influence us in such a powerful way as by literally changing our lives?

So, here is a couple of postulates fundamental to the core of Vedic astrology system:

Planets are Divine Beings

Vedic cosmology indicates that planets in our Solar System are Divine Beings, manifested in the physical world as incarnations of Lord Vishnu, the Creator. They are not just rocks orbiting the sky. As humans have bodies and souls, so the planets have bodies and souls.

According to the main Vedic astrological text Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, planets are “teachers of universal law“, and they are “giving fruits of karma to the living beings, and help them to fight demons”. Of course, we know that there are no “demons” somewhere "at large" that we need to be concerned about. By “demons” sage Parashara meant our own flaws.

Planetary energies are working in us

So, back to the planetary influences. According to Vedic science, our physical body is surrounded by layers of subtle energy-matter, which are empowered by energy centres called “chakras”. In total, there are 7 main chakras, aligned with the median line of the body and the head. Every chakra emits energy of different quality, enabling different functions in human life. 6 of the 7 main chakras relate to specific planets, so they emit the energy resonating with that planet:

Human figure in meditation with lights on chakra placements

  1. Muladhara (the Root Chakra) (literally, “root support”) is located at the base of the spine. Related to planet Saturn

  2. Svadhisthana (the Sacral Chakra) is located at the pelvis. Related to planet Jupiter.

  3. Manipura (the Navel Chakra)is located at the navel center. Related to planet Mars

  4. Anahata (the Heart Chakra) is located at the heart center. Related to planet Venus

  5. Vishuddha (the Throat Chakra) is located near the base of the throat. Related to planet Mercury

  6. Ajna (the Third-Eye Chakra) is located between the eyebrows. Related to planets Sun and Moon

  7. Sahasrara (the Crown Chakra or Thousand-Petaled Lotus)is located just above the crown of the head. Related to the space beyond the Solar System, so its not active for ordinary humans and does not have a corresponding object in the birth chart.

Our physical body is made of the Earth matter, while our energy body includes the energies of all planets in the Solar System. In other words, we are not just “influenced” by the planets, we are “made of them”!

Comprehensive knowledge about the function of planetary energies in human beings is a subject of two other “sister sciences” of Vedic knowledge - Ayurveda and Yoga. Here, we'd just say that when a planet in the sky changes the sign or direction, or comes under aspect from another planet, a corresponding chakra in every human body changes it's vibration, therefore modifying the respective energy stream in every human. And now, suddenly, we start getting different thoughts and sensations related to this planet.

For instance, the most advertised "Mercury Retrograde" event creates tension in the energy flow of the Throat Chakra, intensifying all functions related to the Mercury - processing of the signals received from our five senses, discriminative thinking, speech and communication. Therefore, we are forced to pay special attention to all these things, put more effort to improve the quality, and therefore increase our intelligence in working with Mercurial realm of awareness and information.

Planets can’t "make you do things"

By the way, if you might think that planets can “make” you do something, by forcefully changing your behavior, the answer is a definite “No”. It’s a common misconception. Vedic science teaches that "planetary influence does not penetrate beyond the level of thought". Our behavior is our own responsibility, and this is how we exercise our free will.

There’s no excuse in saying “Sorry, I am a Leo, so I harass people”. First of all, this is a behavior of a weak, underdeveloped Leo, who hides his cowardice behind the grand facade. And second, a simple common sense tells us to respect our partners and opponents, even if we possess exceptional leadership and visionary qualities of Leo. Nobody says that overcoming our own biases is easy, but our life supposed to be a challenge, by design.

So, what is the purpose of all this?

Have you ever found yourself in the same “unsolvable” situation again and again?

Although planetary energies are transcendent and pure, we come to this life as imperfect human beings. We are not yet able to use all planetary energies in intelligent way, without harming ourselves and others. For example, if the energy of Venus is misused, we create destructive relationships. If energy of Mars is misused, we tend to attack others instead of conquering our own shortcomings. But because energy of every planet presented in our own psyche, we have a chance in our lifetime to “purify” it - gain better understanding, and learn to use it in constructive way.

To help us to master the energy, planet creates a learning situation during its own "dasha" cycle. If we can’t improve our understanding in first (or tenth) time, the situation repeats again. That is why planets also called “Lords of Karma”.



Good article. It's important to keep stating how the planets work even if it may sound strange to people at first. It needs to be understood as an internal process. Not the physical planets out there, affecting our lives from outside.

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