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January 2020 Forecast

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

This month will start on the serious note, intensified by stellium of 5 planets in the sign of Sagittarius, and saturated by heavy energy of Mars, which also aspects the Rahu - a point marking direction of progressive movement of humanity. This trend will continue for about 2 next months.

Authorities suffer mistrust

End of Decebmer - Sun passes over Ketu.

We would see a lot of disillusioning with certain leadership styles and leaders. We need to remember that our leaders just a portrait of our collective soul in the current moment, so there’s no reason to be angry at them. Real healing of the collective starts by healing yourself.

This time is good for tuning our own leadership style. Ask yourself if your leadership is motivated by jenuine care about your flock, or by intention to “show them who's boss”. Misuse of power will be especially obvious to see at this time.

Mars already entered Scorpio, where it regains its full strength. Scorpio is a sign of emotional turmoil, and Mars here helps us with the courage to overcome fears stirred up by wounded ego. We can be tempted to plunge into retaliative actions, as Scorpio is projecting feminine, reactive side of Mars. It is important to avoid getting overwhelmed by fears, and spilling your own insecurities on others.

Shake off for “Winged Media”

Jan 3 - Mercury joins Ketu

As Mercury is a planet responsible for information, this event would cause some media outlets losing their appeal to the masses. It would become more clear to see the sources of information which promote one-way agenda. It is also a good time to purge our toxic personal contacts, or at least to think about why we are keeping them.

Morals and Principles revamped

Jan 8 - Jupiter joins Ketu

As Jupiter is governing religion,spirituality and ethical laws, we may see some religious and political leaders would fall under criticism, and will be called to live up to ethical standards. The best advice is to keep in check with our own morals and principles, and always make sure that we judge others the way as we’d want to be judged in the same situation. It also will be more clear to see which of our morals and principles are not authentic and only serving false appearances and ego.

Beliefs are tested by facts

Jan 10 - Full Moon in Gemini

Full Moon point always showcases the highest conflict in the current lunar cycle, which started with the New Moon. This time we would see many of our established views challenged by a wave of new information. Sign of Gemini is good in collecting facts and raw data, and spares no emotion to deliver them. Many things which until now were part of our identity could be eroded, while we would be left to build a new foundation from scratch.

Difficult decisions ahead

Jan 13 - Sun joins Saturn.

This combination creates the opportunity to make some long-term decisions. Keeping in mind that difficult stellium of planets formed in the same sign, the decisions won’t be the easy ones. There’s so many entangled energies now, it’s difficult to discern all influencing factors and priorities. Sun helps here to see through the veal of emotions, and to know where we need to take responsibility, and what part of our ego we need to sacrifice.

Annual planning time

Jan 15th - Sun moves to Capricorn.

We are ready to lay out a concrete plan, to implement the vision created during Sun’s stay in Sagittarius. Our attention will be more focused on the practical side of things, making sure that we achieve a lasting result.

New Moon cycle starts

Jan 24 - New Moon in Capricorn

This New Moon will start the cycle which sets up our mood for bringing in some structure and stability. As our emotional side is suppressed at this time, there may be a spike of irrational fears, feelings of being inadequate or incompetent, worries about safety and security. It would be good to dedicate some time for meditation, picturing quiet mountains and snowy peaks. They are so monumental and beautiful. This is a start of the new Moon.

Stabilizing energy of Saturn

Jan 25 - Saturn enters Capricorn

For the next 2.5 years, Saturn will be in its prime, strong, energetic and manifesting it’s feminine side. It would provide the creative energy to build solid structures to support our life. Institutions, organizations, houses, towers - something strong and reliable, which provides stability in our world. This will be the time of rebuilding or reinforcement of such structures.

This Month for 12 Ascending Signs

To find out Ascending (Lagna) sign at the time of your birth in Vedic system, please use free chart calculator at Vedic Astrology site

If you don’t know your birth time, you can use Moon Sign instead, but most prominently results manifest by Ascendant sign.

Moon or ASC in sidereal Aries

This month will be excellent for embracing your courageous nature. Your ruling planet Mars is now in top shape, ready to conquer new lands. It would be very transformative this month to embrace your primal intuitive power, ability to fearlessly charge into unknown space, your animal fighting and cunning instincts. But it’s important to know, that the best application of Martian energy is to direct it inward, conquer your own weaknesses. It’s when we apply Martial energy on others, we get into issues.

There could be moments when you’d think that universe has decided to punish you, and luck is in a constant “no-show”. You may experience a confusion of belief systems and crysis of personal philosophy. But also, there are moments of hope and joy, and a feeling of emerging break-through. Your planet of spirituality Jupiter is in its prime state right now, but it’s joining with Ketu, which puts a Jupiterian energy through difficult process of purification. There are very powerful forces in play right now, and the best way to handle them is to give yourself some time alone with your thoughts, in quiet solitary space.

Moon or ASC in sidereal Taurus

This month would be good to review your financial obligations, and take a hard look at your investments. Your planet of investment income Jupiter is very strong now, but it’s about to meet with Ketu - a master of stripping glitter and magic from everything he touches. Maybe your portfolio is not that amazing in a close look. Maybe you don’t need anymore such an expensive life insurance, since your dependants do not depend on you anymore. Home and car insurance can be revised as well. May be your will is pending corrections. It’s good to pay attention to the behavior of the people who are involved in any financial matters with you.

Also, planet of your relationships Mars is very powerful this month. It will help you with the courage to cut down to the deeper truth about this relationship or partnership, and act accordingly. When the energy of Mars is as strong and as pure as this month, it makes it easier to “do the right thing”.

Moon or ASC in sidereal Gemini

This January would be a tipping point in relationships for many Gemini natives. Lord of Gemini’s house of relationships Jupiter would come under the influence of Ketu, which would try to bring out the least pleasant aspects of given relationship. In some cases there would be a feeling that downside is greatly outweighing the upside, and it’s not worth to keep trying any further. But in other cases, this test would show that real partnership is only getting stronger in difficult times

Gemini’s Planet of ambitions Mars is in it’s best behavior this month, so it really can support the efforts to cultivate their business ethics. As normally Gemini natives do not hesitate to slap their opponent with some “blunt truth” statement, this often does not do anybody any good, and not helping the business either. So if such episodes on some level keep happening in your life, then it’s a good time to make a New Year resolution - to give other people’s opinions the same credit as you give to yours, and hear their reasoning. Mars gives Gemini natives ability to learn deeper mysteries, as long as the energy of Mars is used to conquer their own weaknesses..

Moon or ASC in sidereal Cancer

Your planet of creative action Mars is very strong this month. Martian energy allows you to conjure that magical mix when talent is supported by stellar skill level. This month, use this great opportunity to unleash your creativity, and start something truly new and progressive.

Your house of hard work and duties is now hosting quite a bundle of loaded energies. Astrology tells that Cancer natives see caring about others as reconnecting with their divine nature. That is why sometimes they take a lot on their shoulders. Well, now is the time to unload a bit. Not everything you love should require hard work from you. Maybe there are some chores that you need to get free off. Take care of your health, maybe there are some long-due massages or doctors appointments needed to be finally booked.

Moon or ASC in sidereal Leo

This month is good to start work of strengthening your inner plane, because planet of your inner peace and spirituality Mars now in its own realm in Scorpio, radiating very strong and positive energy. Leo natives use Martial energy a lot, to establish strict self-discipline, and to sacrifice lower forms of ego for the greater good. Now is a good time to pause and look inside, search for weakening negative thought forms imposed by ego, weed out deep fears and insecurities. Think about your emotional strength like of the roots of the tree. If roots are weak or damaged, there’s not much hope for the fruits to come.

The stellium of planets with the Ketu in your house of creativity may bring events that would make you rethink your creative path. There are many things that we think we need to do to intensify our creative power, but not everything is leading us to the discovery of our “true self”. Listen to the signals of your heart.

Moon or ASC in sidereal Virgo

As much as Virgo natives are against disturbing the established order of things, this is a good time to bring something fresh and new in your life. Maybe some ideas were brewing already for some time in the back of your mind. No matter how wild they seem at the first glance, you have every reason to believe in yourself. Your practical mindset will turn any strange idea into most useful real-life application. The planet of your initiative Mars is in the favorable position this and next month!

There could be some difficult decisions to make in your private space - such as home and house, mother, inner emotional state, happiness of just being yourself. Take your time to meditate, bring your mind into quiet “observing” mode. We will never be able to achieve an absolute balance and inner peace, same as we never could have complete safety and security. But we need to strive to keep only those things in our life which help maintaining our integrity, and let go of those that are not. Also it is good to revise such mundane matters like your home and car maintenance, condition of your real estate properties … Some old family stories can emerge as well, and reconnect the present with the past.

Moon or ASC in sidereal Libra

You ability to initiate connections and your fair treatment of your partners is a valuable skill that helps you a lot in life. This and next month your planet of resources and partnerships Mars is moving through its own domain sign, so you will be able to fully engage your networking skills, with very favorable results.

You may feel a decrease in you energy level and vitality these days. There are some chores or disagreements with other people is wearing you down. The good news is that now you will have a chance to disengage from some of those energy-suckers. It may take some effort to step back and detach emotionally, it might even feel like loss. But it is very possibly that this month you would gain a better feel of your true calling.

Moon or ASC in sidereal Scorpio

The planet of your personal identity Mars is challenging you now to prove yourself. It’s a good time to start new physical training routine, work on improving your health. Also you could step on the path of learning deeper life mysteries, seeking new transformative experiences. Not like I am warning you to be careful - a Scorpio native can endure almost anything. But seriously, be careful...

At some degree at the end of last year you had a drop in self-value, feeling inadequate. You worried about lack of resources, and worried that your skills aren’t that good. But there’s hope. Your wealth-producing planet Jupiter is very powerful now. It’s conjunction with Ketu may’ve produced sense of disappointment and feeling of loss, but Ketu is also known to open windows to other worlds. Something magical might happen unexpectedly. You may find an attractive investment opportunity, inherit, or discover a rare talent that your had with you all along, but did not pay that much attention.

Moon or ASC in sidereal Sagittarius

You may have been very critical about yourself lately, especially in the last month. You feel that you need to change the ways you present yourself, and to interact with other people. Also, you are much more focused on your partners now than ever before, fascinated by their ability to be lighthearted and intellectual and at the same time, playfully juggling all the little bits of information.

You may even feel guilty for drawing too much attention to yourself, and experiencing self-doubts.

Just give yourself some time to listen to your thoughts and feelings, before they formed into the definite idea. It is also a good time to take care of your health, to make changes to your lifestyle because your physical body is sensitive to outer influences at this time.

It is also very important now not to let negativity to win over your emotions. Desire to withdraw from the outer world periodically can also be strong, and these times can be used to process the internal changes in quiet space.

Moon or ASC in sidereal Capricorn

You may be compelled to act on behalf of social group, or community, and feeling competitive to fight for the cause. There’s a lot brewing underneath the surface in the society, and you feel it very strongly. It is very important to verify all information that comes to you, and clarify it with your opponents to avoid getting into unnecessary arguments.

This month would be very beneficial to spend some regular time alone, in quiet natural surroundings, like mountains or garden. That would help to harmonize threads that are racing through your subconscious mind, which tries to reconcile the feelings that you are getting from your daily experiences.

Moon or ASC in sidereal Aquarius

You could be currently in the process of rethinking your career and income sources, and also may have disappointments in your social or community life. Seems like you got pretty fed up with the way your friends are thinking and talking, even if they are not changed a bit for the last 10 years. But you did! Your set of values have changed. It takes some time to realise what you really want to contribute to society and humanity, and what type of people you want to attract in your life.

This can also be a period of revival of your passion and creativity, you may want to explore a path of writing or acting, or maybe just discovered for yourself a whole new type of literature to read. This month you may experience strong emotional involvement in your work activities, which sparks creativity, continuous learning and striving for better results.

Moon or ASC in sidereal Pisces

Time to get some benefits of your hard work! Your wealth-producing planet Mars is currently going through its highest point of 2.5-year cycle. So now it’s a good time to review your financial goals, implement that new extra-income idea, or put some effort into getting that high-paying job. During the next 2.5 months, you should get a green light for any venture you start. You may see the results as early as the end of January, since planet of your earned income Saturn would move into its domain sign Capricorn, where it’s strong and operates in full capacity. It is also a good time to make connections in your community or social circles.

There are some shuffles going on in the area of your career and social standing. But your commitment and in-depth knowledge will help you to come out in a good shape.

If you are eager to know how this changes would apply to you personally, book a reading with me at

May stars be with you! `*

- Ludmilla

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