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March 27th - April 22nd, 2023: Mars Transits Through Ardra Nakshatra - Time to Make Bold Decisions!

From March 27th to April 22nd, Mars will be transiting over Ardra Nakshatra, not the most peaceful segment of the sky. Ardra is associated with the “shadow planet" Rahu, and with the star Betelgeuse. Its deity is Rudra, the young rebellious form of Shiva, who had a significant role in the early stages of creation of the world.

This Nakshatra is associated with water, storm, lightning, disturbance, sudden disruptions and heavy impact. It also signifies "beginning of a new process", when the old balanced order gets a serious shake, and we need to search for new ways of doing things, and for new solutions to the issues that were sleeping under the rug for a long time. Storm and lightning are needed to trigger chemical reactions in the soil, so after destructive storm the world would emerge washed clean and rejuvenated. The "restlessness" of Ardra is present in people born with Moon placed in it, examples are Albert Einstein, Marie Antoinette, Hilary Clinton, Taylor Swift, Camilla Parker Bowles..

Electrifying presence of Mars traveling through this Nakshatra would trigger many unexpected events, and we must be prepared to use the energy of Mars to deal with them. Mars gives us courage, ability to make bold decisions, and the strength to follow through. The special catch in this transit though, is that due to a specific chain of relationships that is formed this month in the sky, Mars will be obeying the wishes of Rahu, who wants to have it all without limits, and Rahu is held responsible by Saturn. It means that Saturn will be watching tirelessly if we try to use less-then-ethical methods to get what we want, and if we do, our power and strength could be turned against us.

Each Zodiac sign would experience this in its own way. Be mindful to remember that if we use the Lunar position as "our sign", we will see how this transit impacts our mind, and if we use the Ascendant or Rising sign, this would show impact through real life events.

For Aries - the initial influence could be the explosion of new interests and desires, an impulse to grab life by the horns, to jump into the unknown, even with the cost of running over everyone who happened to be in your way. The end results, good or bad, would have an impact on your physical health, on your confidence, and would strengthen your ability to deal with fears.

For Taurus - it could start with sudden financial needs, which will be a real test for your savings and would compel you to rethink your values and financial strategy. You may suddenly feel the desire to take singing or speech lessons. This newly achieved material stability will give you a stronger standing in your partnerships and relationships, and let you acknowledge that your inner strength provides you with the freedom to be on your own, if you choose so.

For Gemini - this time can cause sudden health issues that need immediate attention, but also can grant you the ability to persuade others with your ideas. It can also be a time of discovering new physical activities. Avoid confrontations, and think carefully before starting an argument. This can be the time of fulfilling your biggest wishes, especially with Jupiter coming to Aries in April.

For Cancer - you may start seeing disturbing dreams, since all creatures which are currently living in your subconscious would come very alive and try to break out on the surface. Try to acknowledge them as a part of yourself at that stage, they are helping you to identify the underlying issues that affect your life in the real world. Or, you may want to embark on a spiritual journey or pilgrimage. This would especially help with your social standing, career and relationships with children.

For Leo - You may feel an inspiration to take a leadership role in your social circle, community, or political group. The sky's the limit, you are determined to leave a legacy that lasts longer than lifetime. Do not try to pull some unethical schema - you will be caught red handed followed by disgrace. The current combination of Saturn, Rahu and Mars creates a condition for a very spectacular nose-dive. But if you will be a good boy (or girl), this will reveal for you so much hidden spiritual knowledge, wisdom and grace, and give you a new level of inner stability and happiness.

For Virgo - 10-8-3 Your job description could suddenly change, and you could find yourself dealing with matters that look strange and unfamiliar. You would need to summon your courage to be able to make difficult decisions and handle new responsibilities. Make the best of it, and you will be coming out with much stronger social standing and with an updated resume. Your vitality and energy will be higher as well.

For Libra - 9-7-2 You will be inspired to travel to new or spiritual places, explore new cultures, or pursue post-secondary education. Maybe you will feel that you are ready to teach others. This is a very important time where you need to be careful and tread your path lightly, with utmost respect and consideration for those around you, especially your teachers. Otherwise your fortune can be short-lived, and luck runs out fast. Your relationships and partnerships also would benefit from it, because you will be able to establish a better trust and mutual respect with your partners.

For Scorpio - 8-6-1 Things may not start out very peachy, you may be pulled into the conflicts which escalated suddenly for very unclear reasons. Try to not let yourself be played by your fears and emotions. Remember, that the only person which you can control is you, and this should give you power to isolate yourself from any unwanted influences. This will bring you a greater peace of mind and give your charisma a boost. Healthwise, your mental state would benefit from avoiding unnecessary arguments and holding to your opinions too tightly.

For Sagittarius - 7-5-12 You may have arguments with your partners which involve high ambitions and desire to get it your way no matter what. Some relationships may not survive, and some will be able to withstand the crisis and improve. Mars in Ardra can add a lot of harshness into interactions, so it is better to keep conversations respectful and let the partner know that you hear and understand them. The outcome of this can boost your creativity and romantic passion, and ease many internal tensions and fears.

For Capricorn - 6-4-11 You may start feeling highly competitive, and look for any chance to prove your strength and stamina. Physical health may be afflicted by inflammations which source will be hard to diagnose. Avoid overtraining and setting too high expectations for yourself, because it may cause sudden fatigue and trauma. This experience will help you to understand better your abilities and limitations, and come to a more content and emotionally balanced state. You also may see improvement in your home and properties. Your popularity in the community and social circles will improve as well.

For Aquarius - 5-3-10 Your creative side will be bursting with new ideas and you will want to explore them not waiting any moment longer. Your relationship with children can become less harmonious in this time, so it is important to remember that the energy of Mars is better used by aiming it towards yourself, to destroy your own weaknesses. If you use it on others, you will get all kinds of problems. Your enthusiasm can lead you to learning new skills and other self-improvement, and it is important not to let pass by this moment of inspiration.

For Pisces - 4-2-9 This transit of Mars for you can bring restlessness and difficulty with keeping emotional balance. Too many thoughts rushing through your mind causing confusion, and you may feel that you are losing your footing. To help calm your mind you can practice meditation, use sounds of waves and running water, visit ponds and natural landscapes. Emotional atmosphere at your home can also be disturbed, so pay attention to not instigate unnecessary arguments. However, this time is good for commercial affairs regarding property and cars, home improvement projects and revising your diet.

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