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November 2019 - Forecast

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

This November promises to be electrifying, energetic, and even “stormy” at times. How to stay in the “eye of a storm”, and what changes it would bring us?

Improving communications between partners

Mercury retrograde until November 17th

From end of October until November 17th, we might encounter cases of misunderstanding, misinformation, "background noise" type of information, and mixed messages, especially involving sensitive subjects like our love life, money and security, close friendships, other people's behavior towards us. All this could fire up our insecurities, make us bitter, helpless or revengeful. This phenomena is attributed to retrogression of Mercury in Scorpio, the sign of emotional turmoils and deep transformations.

In November 8th Mercury will also retrogress into sign of Libra, so we might hear gossips, encounter strange mishaps in our networking circles, confusions about invitations and gathering places. We even might change our opinion few times about same person we met, or same contract we read. The deal we want may not go through, forcing us to review it again and again, until we understand our needs and needs of our partner fully.

All this "bad behavior" of retrograde Mercury provokes us to spend some good time reviewing and reflecting on things. Maybe we need to listen more than we speak, and tell the truth more often, especially to ourselves. Maybe we need to be more thorough and more prepared. Improving communications between partners it a key idea of this Mercury event.

Beginning of the Shift in Social values

Jupiter enters Sagittarius, November 5th

We’ve done a lot of explorations of all the dark pits of our consciousness, while Jupiter was in Scorpio, since mid-October of last year.. We were reaching deep and wide. Seems like during this time we went through a big range of emotions, finding out things that were the source of our fears for a long time. Jupiter is a planet which expands horizons of our awareness, and helps us to make sense of things we find. It makes us mentally step out of the hustle of action, and take a long look as a distant observer. Does it all make sense? Is this chain of events has a meaning? Am I on the right path? Jupiter is a wise mentor, slowly but firmly zooming out our mental view, hiding unimportant details and revealing a “big picture”.

So now, when Jupiter is moving into the domain of Sagittarius, in November 5th, we can truly see how past year’s experience changed us. How our views evolved, our principles shifted. We might expect some new and progressive laws passed, some ambiguous limitations removed. We will see that our awareness expanded in ways we didn't expect.

Because the Great Remover of Gloss and Shine - Ketu - is also in Sagittarius now, we will see that some long-time existing morals and principles do not have any life in them anymore. Some social norms do not serve us any longer, some old beliefs deflated and laws outdated. We will see it even more in the next year.

Countering social pressure with Individuality

Full Moon in Aries, November 12th, Nakshatra - Bharani

The time of November 11 - 13 can be felt as restless or defiant, for some it could be also anger-inducing or bringing heated emotions. This Full Moon period is happening in the sign of Aries, in Bharani Nakshatra, which possesses the most precious quality of Aries - ability to endure fears and restraints, and break through the darkness to start a new life. This fiery energies will come to us as a call to challenge our current socially-compliant conduct, to see our own personal strength, and not to be afraid to demonstrate it. If you have an original idea - shoot, it’s your time to shine. Just not overdo it by being intolerant or radical. We should still be able to balance our behavior by listening and hearing others.

Moon also will be helped by harmonious aspect from very “proper” Jupiter in his own domain, which adds an honorable quality to our intentions. Speech, though, can be chunky and a bit coarse, as Moon would be in opposition to Mars, Sun and Mercury.

Especially strong this Full Moon will be felt for those with Sidereal Ascendant in Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn.

  • Aries natives could feel very much invigorated, mentally and even physically, and confident to express their true warrior character.

  • Libra natives may feel that everyone suddenly decided to challenge them, to stress-test their entire sense of identity, forcing them to prove that under that shiny wrapper they cultivated a real-deal stuff, made to last and to deliver quality.

  • Cancer natives will surely feel very brave to pump up their social status and career. Maybe feel ready to ask for more responsibilities. It’s a good time to take a step forward.

  • Capricorn natives will be looking more inside themselves, into private realms of emotional stability and peace in the heart. They could start a new quest for inner truth, on the path of spiritual warrior. They could decide to make peace with enemies and relatives, or to stop worrying if the world’s descent into chaos will really start next month.

Facing Personal Demons (Rethinking the meaning of Halloween ...)

Sun goes into Scorpio, November 17th

When Sun goes through the sign of Scorpio, it helps to illuminate all the darkest corners of our psyche, our conscious and even unconscious mindspace, which can reach out to us only in dreams. We would be suddenly made aware of things which hide deep down, our inner fears, those hungry demons that silently draining our life, and hard to locate in conscious state. But sign of Scorpio is a special kind of animal. Scorpio encourages to explore the dark and deep realms. It’s a signature sign of psychologists and pathologists. It’s brave enough to go where others won’t, strong enough to endure great adversity, and smart enough to remember that fears are only as big as our lack of information.

Therefore, this is a time when we have a good chance to bring to the surface and acknowledge our fears. So the spirit of Halloween encourages us to bring our demons to light and face them! How cool is it? I would think that the ancients were very observant people! Of course the holiday date (October 31st) corresponds to the time when Sun transits the seasonal (tropical) Scorpio sign, which was in sink with Sidereal Zodiac about 2000 years ago. Now Sidereal Scorpio Sign has shifted by 24 degrees forward, due to precession of Earth’s axis. So maybe the Halloween needs to be “shifted” as well?? To be truly reflecting

the mighty spirit of “Sun in Scorpio” cosmic state...

Conquering relationship fears

New Moon Nov 26th, in Scorpio, in Nakshatra Anuradha

Sun gone into Scorpio, illuminating yet another facet of our human nature. Now we see that even most casual relationships of two people are much more complicated. “See but not touch”. “Cooperate but not give in”. “Enjoy but not possess”. Scorpio gives final lessons about relationships, teaching us to let go of fear-based urges to manipulate or control your partners. During this New Moon, we may be feeling anxious, or even worried that our worst fears come true. Suspicions can get huge toll of us, if we don’t realize that it’s our own insecurities talking.

Our partners stay with us by their own will, and we often forget the moments when they showed us kindness and affection.

This New Moon event will be happening in Anuradha Nakshatra, who’s influence inspires devotion to friends and loved ones. So during this Lunar cycle, until the next New Moon, we will be focused on work with our insecurities and fear-based controlling behavior, regardless of which area of life will be affected for any specific individual.

Especially strong this will be felt by people who’s Sidereal Ascendant in Taurus and Scorpio, as they will get the effect on the “Me - You” axis of individual partnerships.

If you are interested to know how this changes would play for you personally, please book a reading with me at

May stars be with you! `*

- Ludmilla

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