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September 2019 - Forecast

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

This September is exceptionally rich with opportunities. Knowing beforehand what's coming ahead gives us a great advantage of knowing what is important without fretting over minor details. So here are the "power moments" of this month...

September 1st - 10th: Actions inspired from heart

Sun, Mars. Mercury and Venus gathered in sign of Leo

This combination will continue the August trend of “inspired action”, when we follow purely our heart to direct our hand. We also find joy in what we do.

Our caution here should be not get too oppressive or “authoritarian”, because fearless planet Mars at this time reinforces strong-willed Sun. Sure, we need to be strong like Sun and courageous like Mars, but Sun also gives us selflessness and generosity, while unnecessary harshness only undermines our true power in the end.

September 10th: Relationships get more grounded

Venus goes into Virgo

From this date until October 4th, we would be feeling more cautious with our relationships and partnerships. We would be more concerned about the purity of our feelings and intentions, and seek the same in those that we have in our lives. We will be guarding our hearts from the wickedness of the world. Children born at this time would have refined taste, and would be eager to find imperfections in the smallest details.

Overall, we need to remember not to fall into worries about being perfect, as this is known to be unattainable. Relationships require balance of mutual appreciation, healthy boundaries and compromise, but joy is a real binding agent in that smoothie!

September 11th: Healing deeply buried issues

Mars squares Jupiter

As if there were not enough excitement in our life already, Mars is giving Jupiter a boost (and a push over trip-wire)… something that would trigger the invocation of our deepest insecurities and spill them all over the table. Only this time, we also would be able to see them for what they really are - smoke and mirrors set in motion by our ego. Remember that fears are imaginary, but love and unity are real. Mars in Leo can send our wounded ego to roar, but it’s a healing power of Jupiter in Scorpio that would help us to go deep into darkest underwater caves of our psyche, and face our demons. The key is to be merciful to ourselves and to those around us. A truly precious opportunity given to us this time!

September 18th: Attitude shift from inspired to rational

Sun goes into Virgo

It’s time to store the crops for winter! Of course its a symbolic illustration, meaning that our consciousness would be shifted into preservation mode. Our vision would become more focused on details, we would try to rationalize our feelings and will be predetermined to “get things done”. Many of us would feel more emotionally vulnerable and fear criticism. We would strive to sort out all the complex diversity of things in our life and fit them into appropriate compartments. As for those things that seemingly don’t fit anywhere… don’t panic! Maybe it’s not time yet to reveal their purpose.

September 19th: Things start moving on..

Finally……. Saturn turns direct!

Saturn was retrograde for so long, we all feel worn out.. Starting from May, it seemed like all our effort and hard labor bringing mediocre results. We were trying to address so many issues, and make so many plans, that it left us quite exhausted. That’s Saturn, the great task master. It’s retrograde motion in Sagittarius makes us to delay our plans, go back and review our goals, re-check the facts, reconsider our actions to align with ethic and principles..

Especially since the beginning of September, we feel that our plans floating in some sort of limbo. Saturn is “stationary”, slowing down before the “turning point”. On September 19 it passes the turning point, and begins direct movement, also going very slow, right into the end of September. So somewhere after that moment, we would be finally able to exhale, and see our direction more clear, and also to realize that all our hard work was for a higher purpose.. Now, that was worth it!!!

How we experience it individually?

Although the effects mentioned above will be experienced by all people on the planet, for each person these factors would apply to different areas of life. By looking at personal chart, we can determine how these events would correlate with karma that currently playing the part in your life. We also can determine spiritual meaning of these events, and what you can do to make the best of given opportunities.

If you are up to taking on this exciting journey , please book a reading with me at

May stars be with you! `*

- Ludmilla

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Sep 04, 2019

Enjoying reading your forecasts!

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