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War in Ukraine - When the Hardships Will Be Over?

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

So much suffering has been brought upon my dear homeland since the beginning of the year. It's hard to believe that before this war, we thought that the pandemic was the worst thing we could possibly go through. Turns out, we were wrong..

So, let’s take a look at the chart of the country that managed to get into the hearts and minds of so many people in the world right now.

Modern Ukraine - Date of Birth: August 24, 1991, 6:00pm

So let’s look at the chart. Modern Ukraine was born on August 24th, 1991, when the Act of Declaration of Independence of Ukraine was ratified in Kyiv.

From the first glance, we see a strong emphasis on fire and earth elements, indicating inspiration and optimism combined with skillfulness and practical thinking. All planets are placed in Dharma (1,9) and Artha (2,10) houses, showing that the main motto of the people in this country lies along the lines of “be the best version of yourself”, and “make sure you are wealthy and comfortable”.

The Lagna of the chart is Sagittarius, showing a pretty philosophical, even idealistic viewpoint adapted by the general population. The Lagna Lord Jupiter is placed in the 9th house, showing

that the well-being of the country highly depends on a system of values and principles ingrained into collective consciousness. This confluence of energies between the Sagittarius Lagna and the 9th house of faith, shows strong inclination towards spiritual approach to life and appreciation of higher learning. Almost every person in Ukraine attained a post-secondary education.

Therefore we see a hardworking, joyful, creative nation, a little bit too “circumvented” on the idea of national identity (notice the Rahu sitting on the Ascendant), quite rebellious, eccentric and artistic (Uranus and Neptune are on the Ascendant as well), and blessed with lots of natural resources, such as rich soil, coal, gas and other minerals, indicated by a large stellium of planets in the 9th house.

The heavily populated 9th house also says that the country is involved in a lot of foreign trade, pursuing diplomatic international relations, maintains a large travel and tourism industry, and its governing model is supported by many political, legal and social institutions.

The Moon in the 2nd house also shows that this country is famous for its hospitality and traditional comfort food (Ukrainian borscht and loaded pierogi are the lifesavers in the harsh of winter!).

Now, to add a large ladle of tar to this hypothetical bucket of honey, we see that the second house of the chart is populated with Saturn and the Moon. Both of those planets in the second house are not very auspicious. The Moon tells us that the wealth level of the country is highly volatile, depending on the impulse spending and lack of control from the government. Presence of Saturn shows that funds might not be available when they are needed, and management of the funds is not as transparent as we want it to be. The Saturn here is in domicile, indicating that this planet is able to use a full range of its qualities. So there is hope that eventually the savviness and skillfulness of people would be able to survive even with scarce resources.

Very close aspects of the shadow planet Rahu on the Moon and on the Lagna Lord Jupiter give us a testimony that the Ukrainian population, despite a generally good nature, is highly individualistic and decentralized. They don’t favor authority. Especially because the Moon is located in the 6th house from the Sun, where the Sun “can not see it”, it shows that people prefer to remain out of government sight. They feel that the government is maybe needed for distributing pensions and for wishing a Happy New Year, but at all other times, they just want to mind their own business, thank you very much.

This interesting phenomena of “Decentralization” came to light this year, when the country gave an unexpectedly strong resistance to the invading Russian army. Some military experts praised this strategy of decentralization in Ukrainian militarized forces, where separate groups of regular army and people's' 'territorial defense” are encouraged to make their own tactical decisions, only following general directions passed down by the main commanding office. One of the most legendary examples of this is when a local territorial defense group in the Sumy region was resisting the enemy attack for 10 days, until Ukrainian army forces were able to come there.

A very well positioned Mars, having a directional strength in 10th house and ruling over 5th house, creates a very auspicious Raja Yoga, showing that the talents of the people and their creative mindset allow them to find effective solutions and swiftly turn them into action.

But as a lord of the 12th house Mars located in the 10th house also represents secret dealings, losses, and wasteful expenses due to bad governance.

“Ukraine is the most neutral country in the world, because it’s not involved even in its own internal affairs”.

A perspective on the war

If we look into the current transits which overlay the chart of the modern Ukraine state, we can see that transiting Saturn is positioned very close to the natal Moon. This means that the country is currently going through the Sade-Sati period, a very difficult period in life of the individual or the country. Normally the Sade-Sati period lasts for 7 years. This particular period started in early 2018 when Saturn entered the sign of Scorpio, which is preseeding to the Moon sign. It reached its peak in 2022, when Saturn was getting in a close range to the natal Moon, and the Russian aggression began. In Vadic astrology, Sade-Sati is considered to be one of the most difficult periods to live through, because Saturn puts a lot of pressure on the Moon, which creates hindrances and hardships in the life of an individual, and overwhelms his or her mind and emotions. Sense of hopelessness and desperation often becomes strong and is hard to brush off.

In the mundane chart of a country, the Moon represents the general population, families, collective mind of people, routine life and its comforts. All these subjects suffered greatly this year. Especially severe events affecting population happen at the times when Saturn was making a close approach to the natal Moon, such as in the end of March - beginning of April 2022, when the mass killings of civilians were happening the Kyiv region of Bucha, Irpin and Makariv, a rocket attack on train station in Kramatorsk killed 50 civilians, and the city of Mariupol was destroyed and turned into a concentration camp. Specific violence of the events was also aided by Mars joining Saturn at the time.

Another set of events which brought a great sorrow to the Ukrainian population happened in the end of June through August, when Saturn was making a very slow return back to Capricorn and moving again over a position of the natal Moon. At that time, rocket attacks on civilian objects, shopping malls and residential areas were launched by Russian forces, killing many civilians. A horrible war crime was committed on June 25th, when the hundreds of war prisoners who took part in Azovstal plant defense were incinerated in their beds in the prisoner camp of Olenivka. These events were especially emotionally hard for the spirit of Ukrainian people.

As Saturn slowly turned to direct motion in mid-October, and started moving towards the natal Moon for the last time, we are feeling again intensification of attacks on civilian population and country’s vital life infrastructure. The massive rocket attacks are targeting power plants and energy systems all over the country, and in the capital city Kyiv.

It’s worth noting that the transiting Mars entered into the 7th house of enemy, and has formed hard aspects to the 1st house of heath, to the Mars in the 10th house as governing body, and to the lord of the 3rd house Saturn representing vitality.

This last leg of Saturn, when he finally travels over Ukraine’s natal Moon position for the last time, will be finished in January 2023. Around January 5th, when Saturn would make an exact thansit, we may again witness the new wave of events causing distress and sadness for Ukrainian people.

After that Saturn would leave the sign of Capricorn and enter Aquarius, which would signify the final stage of Sade-Sati for Ukraine. This period would continue through 2025, and will be less intense, allowing the country to regain its strength and recover.

From this point of view, the most auspicious time in the next year for Ukraine will be May 2023, when Saturn would lessen his grip on the Moon, and benevolent planet Jupiter would cast a helping trine aspect to the Lagna Lord Jupiter and to the Ascendant with Rahu. Because this association of Jupiter and Rahu is also present in the natal chart, the effect should be very significant. It will be setting a new stage in the development and the identity of the country.


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