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Are you optimistic enough not to miss the opportunities in life?

Updated: May 2, 2021

How the Moon governs our perceptive mind.

Moon rising in the stone arc above the book

“Watch your thoughts, they become your words; watch your words, they become your actions; watch your actions, they become your habits; watch your habits, they become your character; watch your character, it becomes your destiny”. -Lao Tzu

There’s no better way to illustrate the importance of cultivated mind, than with the words of a greatest thinker of all times. It is a commonly accepted truth that most of our success in life depends on our mindset - the way we welcome change, the type of experiences we are craving, the way we feel about life as a process we participate in. The way we feel being alive!

In the astrological birth chart, the three most important factors are the following: the Rising Sign, the Sun and the Moon.

The Rising Sign defines our physical appearance and outwardly “personality”, which other people get to deal with when they meet us.

The Sun defines that part of us that is the most distanced from mundane life - it shows the main idea we live by, and the mission we identify with. It links us with the Universal spirit, the One and the Unlimited, unconcerned with worldly desires and attachments.

The Moon, on the other hand, gives our spirit the ability to be incarnated in physical body and in physical world, by providing layer of consciousness which is called “perceptive mind”.

Moon in your chart shows the way you "roll" in life

"Eat your cookie faster, or that man on the bench will come and take it from you!" This prominent example of early parenting I once observed in the park. I am sure that the mother wanted her toddler to be aware of the worldly dangers, but if this type of conditioning is applied frequently, she may end up raising one pretty miserable adult.

Theatre masks expressing fear and happiness

It is also not a secret that our childhood experiences play the most important role in the formation of our personal mindset.

If we say about someone that “they always see a glass half-full”, we refer to the “Lunar” component of their nature. We might assume that the Moon in this person’s chart is strongly positioned and well-supported, which allowed them to have positive experiences during their childhood years, and thus they developed an optimistic outlook on things and events.

Therefore, Moon also governs our childhood, and everything that made it good (or not) - mother, food, sleep, emotional experiences, comfort, home. Any lack or broken relationship with these matters in early years would affect person's future perception of the world, how they would be reacting on things, events and people.

Moon Supports all Life on Earth

According to Vedic Cosmology, sometime around 2 billions years ago, the Moon came close enough to the Earth to form a particular "108 size-to-distance ratio" between the Sun, the Earth and the Moon. This formation produced a “Sacred Vibration”, which played part in creating the first living organisms on our planet.

Therefore, in Vedic Astrology Moon represents a Divine Mother, who breathed life into every living creature on Earth.

The way we feel in our own skin, the way we perceive things and events, our skill to “go with the flow” in this life, depends on our individual flavor of Lunar energy. One person loves peace and quiet, lots of sleep, established routine. Another does not care much about routine, rather finding comfort in the action: Where is the fight? I am coming!

Are you missing the good opportunities? How you make yourself fail.

Find out what the Lunar position in your Sidereal chart tells about it (you can find out where the Moon is in your chart here):

Your Moon is in Sidereal Aries - You are a fearless trailblazer. You act on the impulse, trusting your split-moment internal hunch. Not letting anyone influence your choice. You are not good at holding on to “good old things”, and always ready to explore the new paths. But you can make hot-headed decisions, and also can grow impatient when something you started requires commitment and continuous effort. You need to learn the difference between intuition and the emotional bias, and to be careful not to rush into a new direction while the current path is still worth exploring.

Your Moon is in Sidereal Taurus - You are brilliant at cultivating, growing and accumulating. You enjoy the process, giving it a 100% of dedication and 110% of creativity. But you can have a really hard time to let go of something you’ve invested in and creatively and effort-wise. Should circumstances change, it’s an emotional challenge for you to lose the peace and comfort of a settled place. You oppose changes as long as possible, which could hold you from taking advantage of the new situation.

Your Moon is in Sidereal Gemini - Your main strength is in your sharp awareness about everything that is happening around you. You are the person who is usually well-informed, and can offer many solutions to the same issue. You are lighthearted and curious, not attached emotionally to the things you have, which allows you to move forward pretty easily. You just need to be careful not to move in many directions at once, as you might be curious to explore all these interesting things right now. Avoid jumping here and there just for the sake of mental stimulation.

Your Moon is in Sidereal Cancer - You are great in responding to issues at hand, especially when it involves something you care for. You are able to handle big responsibilities, and are very serious about “getting stuff done”. People like you almost never unoccupied. However, you can be too emotionally attached to the workplace, your projects or the products of your hard work. Don’t linger too long over something that is already brought to fruition. There are other great projects waiting.

Your Moon is in Sidereal Leo - You are high-spirited and creative. You thrive on challenges and don’t mind hard work, as long as you are allowed to execute your own vision. You are above cheating, being absolutely confident in your creative power. But often you take your mission too seriously, so anyone who gets in the way is treated like an agent saboteur. “How dare they?” - an instant feeling of being disrespected erupts immediately, even though you may not voice it out loud. Moon in Leo is pretty much stressed, because her soft energy can barely endure the intensity of this mighty Solar sign. Try to take it easy next time, maybe causing you issues is the least thing on someone’s mind.

Your Moon is in Sidereal Virgo - You are hardworking, methodical, intellectual, and responsible. You are drawn by the wish to fix something that is broken, and getting a lot of kick out of it. You are valued for taking ownership of your sphere of work, and keeping it in perfect state. But sometimes you lose sight of the bigger picture, by keeping close sight on small details and seeing more imperfections than is worth mentioning, or worrying that you’ve missed something so the whole world will crumble down. Have faith, sometimes it is better to set up a certain level of confidence, and let things work out on their own.

Your Moon is in Sidereal Libra - You are a delight to work with, always sensitive to other people’s vibes. Your gift of diplomacy allows you to gracefully navigate the corridors and the ladders. Your tactful manner makes you likeable and approachable, and therefore many “doors” are usually held open for you. The issue with you though is that you are too vulnerable to other people’s opinions, often trying to reach some kind of consensus among your acquaintances about the decisions you would better make yourself. Also, it’s more enjoyable for you to stay with the group, rather than to embark on a solo journey. But sometimes it’s really worth the trouble.

Your Moon is in Sidereal Scorpio - You are super perceptive, and can read other people’s hopes and fears like road signs to your success. You notice any slight disturbance in the force, and can endure hardships like nobody else. You are almost indestructible. Unless you choose to do it unto yourself. Lunar energy in Scorpio is very unbalanced, so your ego can joyride the emotions, and magnify your fears and insecurities to the state of implosion. This can overcast your vision, and do a lot of damage to you and those that close to you. The test here is to be able to step above the plane of ego and get a view on a larger perspective. Yeah, a life of a Scorpio native is designed to be an initiation to the next level of consciousness, so - congratulations, and good luck....

Your Moon is in Sidereal Sagittarius - You think big, being a great source of inspiration for others. You are always on a lookout to expand your sphere of activity, seeing the opportunities where others may see only obstacles. Besides, your generosity creates a benevolent atmosphere around you, so many of your initiatives get positive responses from the public. However, by casting your gaze so far and wide, you may not have the patience to tend to all the small details for your idea to be brought to fruition. You might have a lot of great ideas that are not yet ready for practical realization. But as long as you learn to focus on the most substantial one, you will be motivated to bring it to life, and even receive some good help on the way.

Your Moon is in Sidereal Capricorn - You are great at executing plans and know everything about quality. If someone is able possess both the great people’s skills and the unwavering determination, it is you. Your actions are precise and timely, and your goals set high. Everything goes great, until the unexpected twist of fate brings a demand to use “the new way of doing things”. This raises an immediate sense of resistance in you, because you are too suspicious about the “new way’s” ability to provide the same level of quality, comfort and status. It’s the only step that you would postpone until the very last moment. But it’s good to remember that the earlier you adapt to the change, the more advantage you would have in the long run.

Your Moon is in Sidereal Aquarius - Everyone appreciates your friendly attitude, original way of thinking and love for edgy trends. Your mind is set on the future, and you are drawn to new and unconventional things. You are also motivated to create something that would benefit humanity. It is also not a small advantage that you have a sharp intuition about people. The issue for you is that you may be too far away in your thoughts, so your ideas may exhilarate your intellectually, but don’t have enough emotional appeal to gain much support. The key to success is to find that balance.

Your Moon is in Sidereal Pisces - If you are a people’s leader, those in your flock just love you. Your laid-back, easy-going presence brings a feeling of relief to any environment. You are not paranoid about things going awry, because you are always aware of any undercurrent streams going in the group. You feel the slightest changes in collective consciousness. You navigate your way by intuition, and your unexpected moves puzzle everyone around you. However, this can give uneasiness to people who count on you. And also, since you believe that if direction is right, things would work out by themselves, you may not be paying much needed attention to details. A little more effort in this area would bring big rewards.


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