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My astrology readings are intended to help with better understanding of the meaning of experiences and events in the life of the client. . Why certain things and people has come to my life right now? Is it my fate or I have a free will?  How do I make the best of this situation? Vedic astrology system helps to answer difficult questions, and offers a glimpse into soul's path after it was born into this world. 

Every study case is a fascinating journey, because every person born with unique, never replicated Cosmic Signature. Finding your special "pattern" is another purpose of the readings. The "pattern" is determined by seed which was have planted in us at the time of birth, and its shows our internal design, our potential, and contains the answers to the questions that we would encounter on our life journey. 

The sessions are created based on the interest of the client. There are full chart overviews to describe your most prominent traits in this incarnation. There are sessions to discuss a specific issue that has came up in your life today. Also, there are sessions to take a look into the future months, year, or your next planetary karmic cycle. A smaller sessions are available for the follow-up questions and yes/no answers.


I also offer a marriage compatibility report, which catches the subtle psychological nuances of the couple's interactive dynamics, which might not be that noticeable in the beginning if the relationship. It's truly a magical act when two people's lives are merged together. Please read my article "Should we Marry?" for better understanding of the Vedic marriage compatibility principles. 


A Thorny Issue:
Top Priority Question

This spot is reserved for question which represents an immediate challenge for you.
We all know how terrible it is to feel "stuck", or unable to resolve a painful situation. But you need to trust me on one thing - every our experience is a quest to increase our awareness, and unlock our natural powers.
During this special session, you will be able to reflect on spiritual meaning of the moment unfolding, learn about its timing and key points, look into possibilities for the future, and the best ways to move forward.


Heart Shape Cookie Cutter

Cinnamon Hearts:
Relationship Questions

Could this guy or girl be a good life partner for me?

We have some issues, can they be fixed or minimized? 

Is it worth to continue pursuing this relationship?


Using very special techniques used in Vedic Astrology, we will examine psychological alignment, long-term perspective and even hidden mystical ties between existing or potential romantic partners.  



Your Cosmic Signature:
Living in Sub-Lunar World

One day, we all dream to return to our "balanced Self". But our True Identity is veiled for us at the beginning of our journey. Being born in physical body, we live with illusion of separation from Oneness. We walk our path being guided by our heart and perceiving the world by our mind, making exciting discoveries on the way.

Everything we need is already weaved into our personal cosmic pattern. In this session, you will find out how your mind is aligned with spiritual

path ahead, and receive the unique markers to make the most out of your  journey.


Short Readings (follow-ups only, 30 min or less)

Astonomical Clock

The Year Ahead for You:
Main Focus and Highlights

In this session we will look into the subjects that will play a major part in your life in the upcoming 12 months.     


Some times we get "karmic" events that we can't change, but in many other cases we would be given an opportunity to exercise our free will. 

Take advantage of this short session, to prepare ahead and be ready to make  more conscious life choices.


Astonomical Clock

Your Life in Planetary Cycles:  Major Changes and Challenges

Find out how the direction of your life will change at certain points in time!


Every our life experience is determined by the planets which rule that particular period. 

 When new period starts, a new sort of thoughts enter your mind, the new  situations are created for you, forcing you to make a new kind of choices.


The effects that will be produced during each planetary cycle are shown in personal chart. Let's look!


Astonomical Clock

No Question is Too Small:
Ask Anything ..

Astrology tells us that a moment of time containing the question is also containing the answer.  


Ask one question about something that interests you in current moment. 

Without delving into personal chart, we will look at the cause and possible effects of the matter, contributing factors  and likely outcome.


Full Readings ( 60 min )

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