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Your Karmic Blueprint

Discover which planetary cycles are activated in your life right now, and how to make the best of them.  

According to Vedic System, events in our life are not happening spontaneously, without any plan or reason. In fact, there is a reason why we are being born here on Earth, in physical body, under Moon, Sun and the Stars. I put the Moon in the first place in this list, because the Moon is a deity specifically assigned to watch over the souls that are living in our world. That is why our world is called "sublunar". Moon is a keeper of our memories, including karmic memory. It disperses the souls which are about to be born on the Earth, and it collects those which have died, in it's constant rotating dance.  We live "under the Moon", meaning that we live "under Law of Karma". We are being born, we live, and we die. That is why the Moon is a planet that is resetting our "personal clock", and assigning each planet in the solar system a specific time period in our life, when this planet will be the most influential.  The most important system of  the planetary cycles "Vimshottari Dasha", and it is based on the movement of the Moon through lunar mansions called "Nakshatras" starting at the moment when you were born.

The time period assigned to a particular planet is called dasha.  For example, if someone is currently in a dasha of a planet Venus, they will be getting a lot of events related to relationships, partnerships, fair treatment, fair value of physical and not physical goods, everything related to our desires and the price that we are willing to pay for them. Now, if the planet Venus is not well in this person's natal chart, it means that they are not good in working with energy of Venus in intelligent way. They are either inexperienced with handling it, or they are abusing it. Energy is power, and we need to learn how to use it properly. Therefore, this dasha will be difficult for this person, as it will bring up all the issues with relationships, self-value, fair partnerships, respect, appreciation, and true value of things which were not addressed until now.  It would force the person to deal with these issues, search for answers and learn. 


We all know these moments when we feel that our life has changed. When we realize that the new things entered into our life, and our “old life” has faded away. Suddenly we have a "new mind" and new interests. Or we have to deal with the things that we did not expect before! That is how sometimes the switch of dasha manifests. Other times, more subtly, but still inevitably.

Planetary cycles can be calculated for many levels of depth which serve different purposes, but the most important are the top level cycle called Mahadasha, and it's sub cycle called Bhukti or Antardasha. The Mahadasha has qualities of the Sun, and shows the main direction which life is heading towards at the moment. The Antardasha possesses qualities of the Moon, and it shows the real events which are set to pay out on this background. 

In this exercise, you would determine your Major and Minor karmic cycles, and will be able to find out what type of events and experiences are waiting for you on this leg of a journey.

Fill in the birth information form and click "Submit". In the opened popup dialog click on "Vimshottari Dasha" tab. At "Vimshottari Mahadasha" table, find the row where current date falls between the Starts and Ends dates. In that row, the planet in the "MD" column would signify the Lord of your current major karmic cycle called "Mahadasha". Note the dates - this is when this major cycle starts and ends. Select this planet in "Select Mahadasha Planet" dropdown.


Next, in the same "Vimshottari Dasha" tab, follow down the page and find the "Antardashas..." table of your Mahadasha planet. In that table, find the row where current date falls between the Starts and Ends dates. In that row, the planet in the "AD" column would signify the Lord of your current minor karmic cycle called "Antardasha". This is a sub cycle of the major karmic cycle, which further tunes out the nuances. Select the Antardasha Lord in the "Select Antardasha Planet" dropdown.


Read About Your Current Mahadasha Cycle

Mahadasha Planet determines a primary karmic period, which can stretch for a number of years, anywhere from 7 to 20, depending on the planet. The full set of Mahadasha periods completes a 120 year cycle, taken as a median length of human life from Vedic perspective. When one Mahadasha period ends and another one starts, a person experiences a big shift in their lifestyle and priorities.

Mahadasha Not Selected

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Read About Your Current Antardasha Cycle

Antardasha Planet determines a secondary karmic period within a primary period, which can be a few months or a couple of years long, depending on the planet. Antardasha shows more specific process activated within the context of current Mahadasha. It can improve or hinder the matter which unfolds at the primary cycle, depending on the nature of respective planets. 

Antardasha Not Selected


I am extremely curious about how the events and omens of the planetary Antardasha is working out for you!

For me, during Moon Antardasha, I was so vulnerable and emotional, that my brain subconsciously decided to go into protective mode. It found that that the milk in the house should be replaced by milk powder (less waste and better for cooking), the take-out food will be replaced by smart recipes from SortedFoods app (cheaper, healthier and no struggle with decisions what to cook tonight!),  and also it figured out that it would be very rewarding for me to discover great meal scheduling, skin-care and makeup techniques (yes, I am much more happier with my looks now!) .  But enough about me. 

Did you notice any omens sent to you by the current Antardasha Lord? I welcome your observations!

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