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Do You Feel Like the Currents are Always Against You?

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

How to make astrology forecasts work for you.

There is a unique quality to any given moment in time. Celestial bodies never return again into exactly same formation, as even a slightest shift by an angular minute could add a new layer of meaning to otherwise "similar" event.

At some moments, you feel that even the air itself is densely charged with action, when tensions are high and emotions escalate at light's speed. In other times, it may really feel like nothing, all sleepy, mellow and soft, but under surface these "dull and boring" moments often hide something else - the slowly brewing forces of change. It just not yet came to the tipping point.

I often hear request: "Please give me only good predictions" ... As if all things in life come with "bad" or "good" labels!

The truth is, there's only one thing that make the whole life "work". Life "works", if we learn to utilize the main, most essential skill in life. It can be best described by expression:

~~~~~~~~~ Go With the Flow ~~~~~~~~

"Go With the Flow" is a powerful principle. It calls us to welcome new things regardless how bad they look in the first sight. It teaches to leave behind everything that is no longer feeds our internal fire. It urges us to see new opportunities where everyone else sees losses. And to always, always maintain hope and optimism. There's a reason behind madness of this world, which goes through cosmic cycles in it's own pace, unfolding its Great Mystery. But we, as mere humans, not equipped with the vision to grasp it. We only catching glimpses of things, with our limited senses and biased perception.

Here, in Sub-Lunar World, where we all live in physical body, we have lost that direct connection to universal "oneness". So, to lighten our path, and to create a bridge between mundane and spiritual realms, we were given an interesting navigational device called "perceptive mind".

Once upon a time, in one of the ancient kingdoms of India, a young astrologer received an assignment from his teacher. He went to the house of a rich merchant to give him a reading.

The merchant inquired young astrologer about his future. The young apprentice calculated the chart, carefully inspected it and became very sad. "You poor, poor man!" - he cried, "I am so saddened to deliver such bad news to you! Whole life you will be burdened with responsibilities and worries, and in the end you will carry them alone, because all your loved ones will die before your eyes!"

Upon hearing about such terrible fate, the merchant grew very angry. He ordered to beat up the astrologer and threw him out of the house. The young apprentice came back to his teacher in tears, crying "Why life is so unfair! I worked hard on calculations, and told the honest truth to this man, and that is how he paid me!"

The teacher told him: you are a kind man and a hardworking student, and you have a good talent, but you forgot the main purpose of astrological work. People don't come to us for more problems and despair, they want us to give them hope! Watch me..

So the old astrologer went to merchant's house and asked him to accept his services. He calculated a chart, carefully inspected it and become very joyful. "You are a blessed man!" - he said, "Whole life you will be busy and will see the fruits of your efforts. You will live a long life, and outlive all your relatives!"

The merchant grew very happy, paid a good money to the astrologer, and threw in his honor a big feast.

Our mindset is everything. Mindset which was cultivated in us makes us different from each other. One person surfs the stream of life easily, while the other seem unable to catch the stream at all, resisting it and suffering from blockages. Changes met with optimism make you a wave rider. Changes met with resistance make you a survivor. You are alive, but has been set aback, and need time to recover.

Same thing with forecasts! They are merely a markers of change, and we are lucky if we understand the opportunities they bring. Even if some times it's only the opportunities for learning...

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