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2023 Forecast for Cancer

Health and Wellness

This year, Jupiter aspects your 6th house in Sagittarius. Its benefic warm rays would help to improve your health, lifestyle, and apply the cure to your existing health issues.

Jupiter would also positively influence your 2nd house of resources, bringing improvements to your diet and overall increase your health resource. In total, it’s a good year to bring your life to a good standard of well-being. Because Rahu also would be influencing your 2nd and 6th houses, all above mentioned improvements will have some unusual or unconventional elements, like a non-traditional heath treatment or new interesting way to prepare your food. But in the end it will bring you good benefits.

Career and Finances

A transit of 3 slow planets (Jupiter, Rahu and Uranus) in your 10 th house of Aries would open new, interesting and unexpected opportunities in your career and social standing. There will be better career opportunities and you will be able to cement your position with your good achievements. Saturn aspecting your 10th house from the 8th sometimes would create an intellectual dilemma, and would force you to put a lot of effort to find a solution and be brave in implementing it. In result, your contributions will be well appreciated.

You would need to revise a plan for your savings and other assets, as your spending may increase due to medical expenses or travel plans.

Romance and Relationships

Relationships will not be a main focus for you this year. Try not to engage into unnecessary drama, and keep a warm and positive attitude. You will enjoy cozy family moments with home baking and cooking, and quiet leisure time after work. For single people, your work environment or a cooking class could bring a new romantic interest. There could be some setbacks and disappointments in romantic relationships, due to Saturn sending a hard aspect on your 5th house of joy and romance. Therefore, keep the new relationship light and pleasant, nurture it with actions of care and tokens of appreciation.

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