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2023 Forecast for Scorpio

Health and Wellness

It will not be a very easy year. Saturn in 4th house, though pretty constructive in its own domain of Aquarius, could create a depressive mood and melancholic emotional state. It would also cats an aspect to the 1st house, meaning that your physical body also could be prone to colds and inflammations, could become sluggish and not that dynamic. Saturn’s influence has a cooling and drying effect, so keep your body warm and air humidifier running. Jupiter with Rahu in your 6th house, aspected by Saturn can create superdry and hot effects, and dysfunctions in the digestive system. Cut down on fatty foods and pay good attention to the “Best Before:” labels on grocery items. This year is also good for improving your diet and tuning up your financial strategy.

Career and Finances

Pretty good year for advancing in your career and acquiring some nice assets. Jupiter may give you some health inconveniences in the 6th house of illnesses, but it brings a lot of support to the houses of your career and resources. Be ready to come out on the political stage, or set up ambitious financial goals. You will have luck and support in your beginnings.

You also can make some good deals in real estate, or successfully refinance existing property. Saturn in your 4th house enhances your ability to be practical and thrifty in negotiations for property transactions.

Romance and Relationships

Lord of 5th in the 6th, Saturn affects lord of 5th

There will not be much changes in your relationships this year. More likely that your existing relationships will become more grounded. Showing appreciation and practical care for your partner, creating less drama and keeping good communication is an important stage of development of a relationship. This would require significant humbling down and cultivating emotional intelligence. All this is shown by the lord of your 5th house Jupiter transiting through a difficult 6th house, and also being under a glance of Saturn.

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