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December 2019 - Forecast

Updated: Dec 25, 2019

Month of December can bring some unexpected turns, specifically in areas of relationships and ideological perceptions. Both are very sensitive subjects, which we'd rather see untouched. But there's a twist - this time we getting help from benevolent celestial patron!

From mid-July to mid-october, the world has been under the grip of special planetary formation called Kalasarpa Yoga. This planetary yoga takes place when all 7 planets become enclosed between Rahu and Ketu. In current formation, planets move in direction from Rahu to Ketu. This creates condition which makes us to release a hoard of old karmic bonds. When Kalasarpa yoga is “brewing”, we particularly feeling stuck in a knot of intermixed situations, when despite all efforts, seemingly nothing changes. Whether it's a relationship, a new project, a new job pursuit or any situation that already long due to be moved over with, it feels quite frustrating.

So when the planets started one-by-one break away from this formation, we have a mixed feeling of regret and relief. This time, amazingly, the first planet to break away was Saturn, the slowest planet in the gang. We felt right then in Mid-November, when it moved past Ketu, that some of our “old ways of doing things” are not serving us anymore. We felt disinterested in some old hobbies, stopped seeing the purpose in some of our old duties, and needed a grasp of fresh air from some long-standing commitments. That’s ok, we grow out of things, so from time to time need to shed the old skin. The Tail of the Dragon (Ketu) helps to do exactly that.

Uninspiring relationships dissolve, true connections get a magic touch

Venus goes over South Node (Nov 25 - Dec 11)

Now, in the beginning of December, the next planet to break away is Venus. As Venus rules relationships, we might feel like falling out of some of our relationships. We could be not inspired anymore to keep connection with some acquaintances, and feel like it’s time to release some people from our “close circle” back in the wild. The triggers for the change could be a clash of ethical values, or disagreements about important life principles, or we simply had grown out of some friendships and romantic bonds. We are having now great patron Jupiter assisting in this situation as he is presently in the same sign. It helps us to bring things into spiritual perspective, choosing what's best for our soul development.

As Ketu now goes through Purva Ashada Nakshatra, which emits altruistic and idealistic energy, we are eager to leave behind something that does not align with our values.

Also, as Saturn is still close to this formation, it could add some trivial obstacles - such as lack of certain tangible resources - living space, money, physical health - to keep the relationship alive. According to Vedic tradition, situations like that arise when Universe is testing us - and they cause weak structures to fall. On the bright side, if in the end the relationship survives, it’s definitely a strong one!

Especially this situation could affect natives with Sidereal Ascendant in Gemini and Sagittarius, as their relationships have a strong element of ethical and spiritual values built into them.

Fire meets water in lover’s paradise

Full Moon in Taurus - December 12th

When we feel love for someone, their mere existence fills our hearts with joy. It’s when we are not satisfied with that, sings are getting less heavenly. This Full Moon in Taurus has a potential to emphasize sensual element in relationship, strong desire to rejoice in beauty and emotional interplay between partners. This brings amazing effect of connection and unity, if done right, when feelings are coming from unselfish place. On the other side, our emotions might make us clingy, and bring us into dark places of suspicion, jealousy and sorrow. We need to be extra careful this time, as Mars will be casting aspect to the Moon, which might provoke us on explosive arguments or rushed actions. This emotional roller-coaster is a sign to become aware about our own insecurities, and to elevate our feelings above material self-centered plane.

Most affected in this case would be those with Sidereal Ascendant or Moon located in signs of Taurus and Scorpio

Some interesting realizations might be on the way..

New Moon and Solar Eclipse - December 26th

At the end of December, we will have a solar eclipse. It is happening in Sagittarius, in Moola Nakshatra. As with every other solar eclipse, this eclipse creates a test for us to deal with intensified illusion of separation and isolation. Sun in Vedic Astrology represents "one spirit to which we all belong". When being overshadowed by Moon during the eclipse, it seases to reach us with it's empowering rays. We might feel unsettled and powerless at some moments, not only at exact time of the eclipse, but also during 2-3 months after. The best advice here is to take things easy, not to let negativity take its roots inside your soul. Speaking of roots - Moola means “uprooting”. Energy of Moola reaches deep into our minds, finding any “bad” mental sprouts and pulling them out, together with their long roots. Quite invasive process, if you think about it! That is why the deity of Moola, Nirrti, is usually portrayed as "dark and angry". Her influence feels cruel. So with our beliefs, we clinging to them and fiercely defending them, so once they are destroyed, we feel "uprooted". December eclipses usually setting tone for the whole following year, but this particular eclipse will be especially powerful, because the other 3 planets are also close to Sun-Moon conjunction, including ruler of Sagittarius, Jupiter. Jupiter gets very strong in this sign, enhancing our ability to discern pure sources of knowledge from contaminated ones. So, we will be more connected to the truth, and will use this benefit to rejuvenate our spirit next year.

If you are eager to know how this changes would apply to you personally, book a reading with me at

May stars be with you! `*

- Ludmilla

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