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October 2019 - forecast

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

This October is promising to become a playground for very intense energies. How to play with them safely...?

Hard work is paying off, in many ways

Saturn departing from S.Node, in P.Ashadha

Month of October starts with a note of relief. For a few weeks already - almost the entire last month, in some particular area of life, we were going through pretty grueling times, dealing with struggles, hard-to-explain unsolvable situations, unfortunate coincidences, and hard blockages, which by this time completely wore us out. During this time we lost many illusions, and cleared out of sight all the razzle-dazzle and glamour, suddenly realizing the bare truth - however humble it is. And we questioned ourselves: if this worth to struggle for? Is this really what I want? Am I content with this reality?

This type of experience felt especially strongly for people with Sidereal Ascendant in Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces, and less in Virgo, because for them it affected one of the four most critical life-supporting areas:

Health and personal identity for Sagittarius;

Marriage and partnerships for Gemini;

Career and social status for Pisces; and

Home and inner harmony for Virgo.

For these individuals, the last couple of months it felt like they were tied to ironing board, with Saturn as an iron going forth and back and then again. But hey, we survived! With new hard-earned clarity, comes a great liberation. Now we know where we should focus our energy.

There was one huge trap placed on this road though - falling into self-righteousness, social phobias and paranoia. In this case, not much progress is expected. This are the scary things that can happen when Saturn and Ketu involved.

Also, don’t ever think that Saturn and Ketu are some kind of nasty dorks. Yes, they are brush fellas, but very generous to those who worked hard and had put a serious effort. Saturn gives long-time rewards, in the form of stability, security and strength. Ketu gives spiritual gifts. Also, being a “Dragon’s Tail” and a phantom shadow object,.Ketu opens a portal to other worlds, and very strange objects sometimes falling out of there to take part in your life. Watch out!

Stagnant beliefs challenged by facts, and the rise of awareness for the world oceans

Saturn and Ketu in Purva Ashada, opposed by Rahu in Gemini

Interestingly, this Saturn-Ketu “pressure point” is taking place in Purva Ashada Nakshatra, which occupies space from 13:20 to 26:40 of Sagittarius, and consist of two stars of Sagittarius constellation: Kaus Borealis and Kaus Australis, which form the archer’s “bow”.

Purva Ashada Nakshatra relates to the power of devotion, and actions based on beliefs. So much tension is felt today - the bow is stretched to the max by opposing forces - because we don’t budge on our beliefs, sometimes even going against the facts or reason. Our beliefs at this moment are brutally challenged by hailstorm of really sobering information, graciously provided by opposing shadowpoint of Lunar eclipse axis - Rahu. Rahu is now travelling in Gemini, the sign opposite of Sagittarius on Zodiac wheel. Rahu is a rebel, who blows up any familiar and comfortable boundaries, and makes us hungry to acquire anything we find beyond them. Since Gemini is a sign which represents information, Rahu creates information explosion. In Vedic astrology, Gemini’s symbol is a “Man holding a club and a Woman playing a lute”. There are many layers of meaning to this symbol, but one of them is that “Man holding a club” is a fighter for the truth, and he would not care too much about hurting anyone’s feelings. So this is the energy we deal with today, I think the description is pretty accurate.

The depth of our beliefs is also symbolized by the fact that the deity of Purva Ashada is Apas, who is the god of the ocean and the sacred water. Water is related to love and ability to soften, merge and unify. It’s possibly not coincidental, that issues of the world oceans is in all headlines today. The health of the oceans is crucial to our life, and so our ability to reconcile our deep-rooted beliefs with reality...

Practical solution to hopes and dreams

Sun in Virgo squared by Saturn

One of the “turning points” of the month will occur around October 6-8th, where it will come clear to our awareness that solution to our current issues can only be achieved by developing detailed and thorough plan. At the end of the day, feelings and dreams aside, someone needs to crunch the numbers and pay the bills! Without proper grounding and practical support, any idea remains a dream charted in the air. Sun in Virgo comes as a very helpful ally, illuminating the world with the type of light that allows to spot even the smallest details, so we can see draft our plan in clear steps. Only now, it also can be a little challenging, because Sun came under difficult aspect of Saturn. Our promised clarity of sight maybe a little fuzzed, because our fear-based beliefs at this point elevated themselves into self-anointed moral mandate (remember Saturn is in Sagittarius, the sign of priests, judges and creators of mass ideologies, and he just came out of a long period of retrogression). Sign of Virgo itself can contribute to fears, because it has the ability to make us worry about every minor thing being not perfect. So, we need to be aware that we might put an enormous emphasis on one detail and miss a lot of other ones that would help to put everything into the right context.

Balancing out control issues with faith

Full Moon in Pisces, October 14th

This time the Full Moon in Pisces will Oppose Sun and Mars in Virgo. It will be tapping into our awareness that this fearful obsession with control that we are harboring this month needs to be balanced out by inner peace and trust into wise Universe, into our deeper inner knowledge that if we have faith and try to maintain mindfulness and empathy with every big or small creature, in the end it will all work out in the best way possible. This time the Full Moon also will be getting a supportive aspect from Jupiter, who would help to maintain hope and emotional strength. Meditation and prayers would help a lot at this time.

Expanding relationship circles, new love interests

Venus in Swati, October 9-15

There is a great time to find new friends and meet like-minded people, As Venus goes through Swati Nakshatra. This nakshatra belongs to The Hindu’s famous monkey god, Hanuman, is a king of the army of monkeys. Monkeys in Hindu culture have long been a symbol of the mind — the way our mind jumps around restlessly searching for new fascinating things. Venus is a planet creating emotional connections - friendships, love

interests - people we feel happy with. Therefore the time between October 9 to 15th will be

especially rich in opportunities to break away from comfortable social circles, go out into the world and find new people who excite you.

We even might feel restless on October 14-15, when the Moon will be in opposition to Venus in Swati. Especially strong opportunity for personal relationships will be for those with sidereal ascendant in Libra and Pisces.

Applying perfectly calculated action

Mars in Virgo, until end of the month

Mars is in the sign of Virgo since the end of September, and would remain here until the end of October. Mars is a planet of action, it’s function it to destroy any obstacles that prevent us from following our supposed dharmic path. It’s good to use its energy to conquer our own weaknesses. We only start having problems when we turn energy of Mars around, and try to use it against other people. So this month Mars receives special aid from Virgo, which enables him with strong logic and attention to details, so the actions we take would be razor-cut and precise. Being in the same sign with the Sun, Mars also receives some of Sun’s authority, so it can be even a little pushy and impatient at times.

As Mars with Sun are currently under aspect of Saturn which I mentioned before, and in the worrisome sign of Virgo,we need to be careful not to make hasty decisions out of fear, not to make reactionary movements.

If you are up to taking on this exciting journey , please book a reading with me at

May stars be with you! `*

- Ludmilla

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