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2022 Forecast for Taurus

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Career and Finances

This year, Saturn will be casting an aspect on your 11th house of earned income and ambitions, which may pressure you to look for new or better sources of income, and adjust your goals and dreams.

Luckily, Jupiter will be in your 11th house all year, helping you to grow and expand. I think these 2 very powerful planets would create a perfect harmony to balance between your wants and needs, so not much effort will be wasted on something that is not realistic. You might come upon a great new partnership or collaboration, as Jupiter will be aspecting your 7th house as well.

Romance and Relationships

There is a chance to strike a new relationship or friendship this year, as Jupiter will be aspecting your 7th house, and will send some new people your way. There is also a possibility of marriage, if you are in a long-term relationship, and a new relationship if you are single.

Your existing relationships most likely will improve, since the planet of detachments Ketu has entered your 6th house, and therefore you will not feel as combative as usual.

This year you also will be comfortable to spending more time alone. You will tend to reduce your involvement in social activities, happy with not having obligations to “be somewhere”.

Health and Wellness

You would be inspired to spend some time away from worldly noises, and it would bring you a lot of peace and serenity. Rahu in your 12th house and Ketu in 6th would divert your interest into the area of spiritual pursuits. You would tend to avoid debates and confrontations, and generally will be discouraged from convincing others in “your way of doing things”.

Jupiter will be influencing your 3rd house of life energy, giving you a boost to explore new interests. But being a functional malefic, it may encourage you to push your experiences to the extreme, so be careful with that. Ketu in the 6th house could also create some medical issues, and surgeries in the last half of the year, when Ketu will be affected by transiting Mars.

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