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Year 2019 - Highlights and Inspirations

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

January- December 2019: Saturn goes through Sagittarius*

Rebuilding our belief systems and ethical views

This year, all 12 long months, Saturn is slowly drifting (visibly) back and forth trough the sign of Sagittarius. Saturn is a powerful planet, and it's every movement affect us deeply, leaving long-term effects.

Saturn is a dry and airy planet, intellectual and shy of emotions. Normally we activate Saturn energy when trying to avoid trouble, prevent danger, or save our life. When we understand that we need to take things seriously, be persistent and resilient, or else.. When we need to impose self-restrictions and define healthy boundaries. Therefore, this planet is most efficient in "practical" airy and earthy signs, where it can concentrate, calculate, and follow a rigorous plan.

But this year, Saturn is treading through Sagittarius, which provides pretty uncomfortable environment for this planet. Sagittarius is fiery, impulsive and altruistic sign, it works with much higher energies. Saturn is not finding here much opportunities to contribute, since Sagittarius emanates fearless, positive, expansive energy, and does not care much about safety. So as in this year, we often ready to forsake safety and stability for a promise of progress and advancement.

Honestly, Saturn always dutifully tries to do it's best, quietly ensuring that we have enough sustenance and adequate safety to keep alive. But this year, his actions often (a lot!) - turn into impulsive, socially-charged, ill-aimed tasks with mediocre results. They are widely proclaimed, blasted by social media, biased by people's beliefs, and charged with ethical concerns. When we need to set up a nominal boundary, somehow it turns into a roll of barbed wire. When we need to introduce careful restriction in selected places, we end up with wide-covering ambiguous regulation, full of large loopholes, equally ineffective and annoying. It takes a lot of effort to find the right balance, after many revisions.. It all sums up to lot of pain with little gain, but suddenly everyone knows who is the boss!

This situation is also gets more intense due to close proximity of Ketu (South Lunar Node), which currently also in Sagittaruis, acting as a catalyst of social fears. Saturn is a natural planet concerned with sustainability of live, but Ketu, as an eclipse point and shadow-maker, obscures discriminating consciousness of Saturn, making us too hazy and emotionally to check the facts. Therefore it escalates healthy "concerns" into fears, and can provoke us on unbalanced and even harmful actions.

Classical example - is when people are concerned that their lives suddenly got harder, but still not able to recognize the "shadowed" corruption at the "upper levels" which created that situation, and therefore easily manipulated into accusations against neighboring social, gender or racial groups. Ketu - Saturn combination in Sagittarius is a perfect recipe for winding social fears out of control,

But, it wouldn't be worth the effort to write this long prognosis, if there was any good to come out of it! As cosmos moves in highly intelligent cyclical manner, we are now in that phase where this big, accumulated for decades mountain of social issues needs to be dealt with. We need to work through our clashing, outdated belief systems, and clean up our ethical act. Saturn in Sagittarius forces us to deal with hard issues in such a way, that we throw away those beliefs which could not hold the reality test. Our current morals and principles do not serve demand of time anymore, they would need to grow into more mature form, as Saturn is a "master" of maturity. And by that, I don't mean that they would "grow" by themselves. A string of errors, failures and misjudgments would make us question many of our old views. The task we are taking on is hard, and the matter seemingly goes nowhere... But its very important to understand, that every small progress in these areas will create a massive impact, changing things for the better for the next 30 years.

May - September 2019: Saturn Retrograde

Rethink, Revise, Repeat

To give things a "real proper" audit, Saturn is also retrograde during big part of the year, from May to the middle of September. It means that all these Saturn's authoritative actions often would be often held back, mostly due to lack of good plan and consistency. A lot of times things would get "stuck" in grey limbo, unable to move either way. It usually means that we have to go back to the drawing board, and think about what is it that we really need.

The positive effect of all that struggle is that during this period of retrogression we are forced to put a lot of thinking on what we do and why we do it. We would see how every our little action has a long-term impact. How we must be careful not to cause more damage then good. How "corporate" Saturn interacts with "ethical" Sagittarius. How much "politics" of Sagittarius "working class" of Saturn can take. Theme of reconciliation between business, political and ethical principles is a major drama playing in the world this year.

April - September 2019: Ketu conjuncts Saturn

Darkened emotions and intensified criticism

Now, there's one more nuance that everyone would need to be aware of. Very often, our thinking process would be intruded by a little voice, sometimes escalated to the level of fire alarm, kinda hard to ignore. It which would be saying things like that:

"You know that there's no way to make it work for everyone"...

"People are naturally corrupted"...

"You don't need to hear what they say, you have your opinion already"...

These types of thought forms, full of arrogance and displeasure, are the product of Lunar South Node (also known as "Dragon Tail", or Ketu.). South Node It's not an actual planet. It's a "shadow" point, a place on the equator where Lunar eclipses occur. This little guy is a clever shape-shifter, posing as a different hero at different times, depending on which astrological sign it's in. And its main job is - yes, to cast shadows! He obscures our view, distorts our perception of reality. This time, in Sagittarius, he appears in a form of cynical philosopher, making us see things as irrelevant, worthless or hopeless.

Because South Node this year afflicts already quite agitated Saturn, we would tend to be disappointed with our work through the issues, seeing our attempts as sloppy and doomed for failure. Ketu would make us stress over every little structural detail and imagined imperfection. We would question our principles and moral choices, and would fight through the haze of apathy and pessimism. Because Ketu is now influencing Saturn, it would darken

it's expression, easily escalating concerns about sustainability and safety into unjustified


Not like Ketu's intentions are all evil though! By sucking all the joy out of our already hard labor of building sustainable future, the shadow point forces us to realize that we no longer need to be fascinated with material, vane and worldly side of it. What we should be concerned with is the long-term impact, the truth, the bare bones which build the actual value. Like that theater director, who makes every scene looking like fantasy, but himself sees only coarsely painted backdrops. We need to finish the work, responsibly and seriously, and then we should leave it behind and move to the next, yet unexplored things. Darker emotions and disillusioning is a big theme to observe at this time.

January - October 2019: Jupiter in Scorpio

April - July 2019: Jupiter in Scorpio

Healing deep insecurities

Well, before staring the actual process of healing, Jupiter likes to do some "light" preparations. For instance, he enjoys to take said "insecurity" out into the open, magnify it to ginormous proportions and finally plaster it up over white wall with projector. Then he lets you admire it until you get sick of the view, which helps you to see the artifact in different light. Once the problem turns into it's grotesque form, it's not really a problem anymore, because we would see all it's triggers and route causes.

Jupiter in Scorpio listens to our emotional impulses. The mission of Jupiter is to elevate our view, in order to see a bigger picture, and to find meaning in things and events. Jupiter is a high-spirited and altruistic planet, sending hope and light to those who seek it. The Sign of Scorpio though works with much lower energy of "life protection". It provides emotionally-charged environment, resulted from our insecurities in relationships. The roots of our insecurities are deep, and it's not easy to get to them. And frankly, it's kinda dark in there! This is the stuff which psychological thrillers and nightmares are made of, but Jupiter now helps to perpetrate deep into the matter.

So this year we would see a lot of information coming out from different sources, which was deeply hidden before. Many issues that were swept under the rag suddenly would make a big appearance, with every detail be blown up on separate photo. As Jupiter also goes retrograde from April to July, we would see those hidden mysteries uncovered, then information would be found unproven or incomplete, and after July the subject would emerge again in new light.

2019 - Critical Points

There are some specifically charged moments in this year when we need to be very careful:

Around June 14 Mars opposed Saturn from the sign of Gemini. This is a moment where our cool logic and eagerness to break down obstacles has been put against our desire for safety and commonwealth. A spark of aggression could easily escalate into quarrel, physical or legal battle, armed conflict, or even war.

On October 28th, Mars and Saturn will be forming a mutual aspect, which would feel rather stressful. There could be an escalation of tensions between industry workforce and political/governing bodies. The days of October 28th to 30th we could feel the flux of dark emotions, since it this time will coincide with the New Moon phase. Things begin to resolve around November 5th. After much laundry done on the both sides, we would come to terms with reality, to understanding that some "old ways" of doing things could not be exploited any longer, and that we would need to break our attachment to them. This will clear the road for new changes, which would begin with the start of a new Mars-Saturn cycle in April 2020.

How we would feel it on personal level

The effects described above are only general suggestions, as they affect all of us collectively.. But what about individuals?

On a personal level, we would get the impact in one particular area of our life, determined by person's birth chart. For example, someone with Rising Sign or Moon in Gemini, this year would experience hindrances, doubts and delays in personal relationships. Additional influences and conditions can be also found by looking at other factors in person't chart - positions of planets Venus and Mars, current personal Dasha and Antradasha cycles, and so on.

This would require to construct a birth chart and perform individual assessment. Personal reading can show how the influencing factors are aligned with your personality and destiny, reveal the reasons behind current situation, and determine effective ways to move forward.

To book my reading, please visit a home page at


* Planetary positions calculated in Sidereal zodiac system

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